Thursday, April 2, 2009


First my dear friends, I must tell you that I'm leaving town today to head to my favorite place on earth, Charleston, SC! :)
This trip was planned for the annual Cooper Bridge Run (we've done it the past 3 years), but you bet we'll be squeezing in a few wedding meetings while we're there!

Tomorrow Pepe and I meet with the lovely Jerri at Ooh Events and we'll finally get to meet Lisa, the "visionary" of this great company. :)
I'm very, very excited about this appointment! We haven't set down together since the venue change and I'm anxious to hear their ideas. I also have a few ideas of my own I'm excited to run by them. Fill you in on that next week for sure.

On Saturday, after running the 10K, Pepe and I are going to meet with our caterer (yep we've decided on JBC Catering) at 1pm. I have a feeling our tummies will be ready for some grub!
Pictures and an update on this for sure next week.

As for the images above, they are invitations done by Yee-haw Industrial Letterpress and Design Co. Don't you just love the name? I knew right away they were going to be amazing! I e-mailed the company asking if they do wedding invitations and boy do they! They sent me some samples that I just absolutely love!!! They do all their work by hand with wood and lead machines that are 50-200 years old (see pictures above)! How cool is that!?
I unfortunately don't think we can afford them.
BUT a girl can dream though, can't she? ;)

Okay I'm out of here for now! If I don't make an appearance at some point this weekend, I'll see you lovelies for The Weekend Update! :)


  1. Let me get this straight... Knoxville, TN has a South GAY Street? I had a feeling bout them 'Volunteers'. Not that there's anything wrong with that. : ]

  2. What great invites! You should submit an Alchemy request on Etsy with these pictures as visuals! You never know who might respond. I got great results from CardinalInk for our rodeo rehearsal dinner invites and inserts after posting a request.