Tuesday, April 7, 2009

To garter or not to garter?

There will be no bouquet toss at our wedding and no Mr. P hunting around in my dress for a garter! Sorry to disappoint anyone, it's just a tradition I can happily do without.
So do I really need to wear a garter? The answer is no!

However, I stumbled on Julianne Smith's website via the Southern Wedding Magazine blog and now I think I may want a garter after all!
You see Julianne has many garters on her site, traditional style, animal print, something blue garters, tossing garters, you name it, she has it!
But what really peaked my interest was the fact she does custom garters.
Meaning I can send in extra fabric from my dress and she'll use it to create a one of a kind piece for me. Complete with my new initials! :)
I'm pretty confident that our future daughter will never want to wear my dress, but maybe she'd want to wear this, you know, as her 'something old'.
Just a thought.

I like thinking ahead! It's such a pretty picture!

Hey, by the way, in 193 days I'll be marrying the most handsome, funny, caring, thoughtful, smart, clever man I've ever met! Tears creep in my eyes just thinking about it!
I love you P!


  1. just a thought - but elastic goes bad. not sure it would work in 20 years, or whenever your daughter wants to get married

    on that same note though, i'm saving the scraps from my dress (lace & satin) and having one of those custom hankies made for my future daughter (or in law should i only pop out boys) : )

  2. Good point!
    Can you tell me where to have custom hankies made?
    I love this idea! :)