Friday, April 10, 2009

The Weekend

Not sure if I mentioned in my 'Weekend Update' on Monday that P misplaced he's car key last weekend and once it was time to leave we were unable to find it (he felt SO bad).
We decided to ride home with our amazing friends, The Barzees. Lucky for us they have offered to drop us off tomorrow on their way to a family members house.
Mr. P googled it and we're pretty sure we are only about 20 minutes out of the way for them.
Still, we are out of the way and we are VERY grateful that we have such amazing, caring friends.

The fiancee and I have decided to stick around and spend a nice afternoon in our favorite town before heading back to our humble abode!

I'll be treating my love to lunch at Magnolia and in return I get to hit up Cupcake on King Street and maybe even Baked on East Bay so that I can do a little cupcake taste testing. ;)
Yeah, yeah, I know I just blogged yesterday about my eating/work out goals, but that officially starts on Monday (I just decided that)! :D

Hope everyone has a lovely Easter Weekend filled with Cadbury Eggs, Easter Bunnies and laughter!
See ya' on Monday!

*Photo 1-Magnolia Restaurant, Photo 2-Cupcakes at Cupcake, Photo 3-Inside of Baked


  1. Charleston is this weeeknd, right? Time is flying.

    Idea/question for you: I want to hear about your awesome goal of not wearing jeans. Really into this! Perhaps this will provide some blog material too on how you're survivoring without jeans!!

  2. My darling! You just gave me a fun idea! :) Update soon, I promise!!!
    BTW thanks for being a loyal follower!

    And yes can you believe this week went by so fast? We'll be heading to Charleston in the morning and back tomorrow evening!
    Doing it all in one day!