Friday, April 17, 2009

Light my fire part deux!

5 months ago I thought I was going to be knocking out DIY projects left and right.
Unfortunately that hasn't been the case.
I've had to relinquish certain projects to individuals more talented than I.
I of course turned to Etsy!
Think I sound like a broken record?
It's just that Etsy is kinda...AMAZING!
I placed an Alchemy request for sparkler holders and have decided to go with Ting Creates.
Dana sent me over a rough draft picture this morning and I really think it's going to look nice paired next to the matchboxes I've made.

Dana & Emily, who own Ting Creates together, even went out and bought sparklers so they could photograph the holders doing their intended job.
How sweet is that?
Now they are going to mail us one so we can see it in person, make any changes we'd like, and then they'll make the final product.
Pretty awesome, right?

What do you lovelies think? Like it so far? Any changes you'd like to suggest?


  1. Okay, this makes more sense now. I wasn't entirely sure what I was looking at, at first. For a minute I thought they were the long taper candles you use at Thanksgiving - def not! This is more than I could have ever imagined - I think people are really going to be wow'ed! I know Leigh and Teague did this for their wedding - but I can't remember details. They will def make for some great pictures!

    Oh, and so glad we could do lunch! XOXO

  2. YAY! :) I'm so happy you all like them!
    I'm excited to see them in person!
    Love you ladies!

    Oh and Chels and so happy we could do lunch as well!
    Started the weekend off just right!

  3. Oops! That was me! I didn't realize a coworker had been signed in on my computer! :)