Thursday, April 30, 2009

The Meanest Mom

No, I'm obviously not a mother yet, but that doesn't keep me from frequenting the 'Mom Logic' blogosphere. It's an online community of "Real Stories. Real Advice. Real Moms."

One of my favorite 'Mom Logic' bloggers would have to be Jana, of 'The Meanest Mom'.

Her wit and humor are often just what I need to brighten my day.
Check out one of my favorite posts below and then check her blog out here, I know you'll enjoy!


More difficult than scaling Mt. Everest is getting three kids to school on time. I have, however, significant motivation to do the impossible: her name is Lorraine.

Lorraine is the secretary at my daughter's elementary school. Starting in late February, she wears a sweater vest decorated with three-dimensional Easter bunnies, but don't let the 1980s homemaker facade fool you: Lorraine is as friendly as a jackal.

Roughly once every three weeks, Mt. Vesuvius erupts at 8:50am at my house in the form of a missing shoe, a temper tantrum, or the unexplained need to change one's clothes for the third time in one hour. On these mornings, I park my car in the school's fire lane and drag four children into the front office to do penance before St. Lorraine.

"May I sign in my daughter please?" I ask after waiting at the counter for what feels like a century. My five-year-old twin boys have already written their names on seven visitor badges and have attached them to their shirts.

After Lorraine finishes her personal phone call/applying lipstick/rearranging her collection of angel figurines on her desk, she heaves a loud sigh of disapproval and hands me a tardy slip.

Even though my kindergartner is only 2.5 minutes late for school, I'm still required to publicly confess that I don't have my act together by filling out the form, signing it, and listing a reason for her lateness. By this point in the school year, I have exhausted all of the standard excuses. Plus, Lorraine is starting to question their validity.

"You were really 'out of town' for five minutes?" she asked in February.

Lorraine's growing suspicions that I have been less than forthright with her in the past have shamed me into telling the truth. While it used to take only a few seconds to fill out the tardy slip, now it takes me several minutes--and the front and back sides of the form--to describe the events leading up to and causing my daughter's late arrival. Usually my epistles include the phrase "I'm going to count to five" followed shortly by the phrases "I'm sorry you made a bad choice" and "against their will."

"This is all avoidable," smirked Lorraine on Tuesday, "If you could get out the door five minutes earlier."

I wanted to thank Lorraine profusely for coming up with a solution to my problem that I hadn't thought of myself, but I also didn't want to hold up the line. As I exited the building, I whispered words of encouragement to the handful of nervous mothers who were waiting for their turns to meet their maker.

When I got home, I decided to do something nice for Lorraine, to demonstrate my appreciation for the sensitivity and compassion she routinely shows parents who mornings are plagued with natural disasters and children who like power struggles. I missed the nominations for this year's faculty and staff recognition awards, so I had to settle for a candy poster.

I wonder what Lorraine will think about my gift. The fact that I took all of the candies out of their packages--leaving only their wrappers--may give her a clue.

Cupcakes take the Cake!

Once we decided to go with cupcakes instead of a large cake I was happy not only because I adore them, but because I thought we'd save money!
Then I started contacting bakery's in the Charleston area and was shocked at the quotes I was receiving!
Most places were charging upwards of $3!!!
Really? For a tiny little cupcake? When we are buying in bulk?

Well I was hesitant to contact Baked. Why? Because this little bakery started out in New York! The owners have written an amazing book!

And they were just rated above Magnolia Bakery (the infamous bakery from SATC!) by New York Magazine's blog Grub Street!

I thought for sure their prices would be sky high but I contacted them anyways!

Well my lovelies, I'm overjoyed to report that the price I was quoted was almost half of what other bakeries quoted me!!!
I almost fainted when I read the e-mail! Truly!

Our tasting isn't until our next trip to Charleston, but we're about 99.9% they're our baker!

Know what that means? It means we don't have any vendors left to decide on!!!
Hip Hip Hooray!!!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wanna know what I'll be doing tonight?

Mr. P is leaving son and I this evening to go grill out with some of his boys.
I already have a small list of what I plan to do while he's away....

Unpack suitcase from 2 weekends ago.
FINALLY put down mulch I purchased about this time last year.
Take son for a walk.

Fun list, right?

The list has just been jazzed up because I received an e-mail from P that said, "Happy month early birfday! :-D" that included this photo...

Yep! It's my new guitar! :)
I told P that by the time he gets home tonight I may just be on my way to stardom! ;)
You all can say you knew me when I was just a simple gal with a wedding blog!

Thank you for my present love! :D


We've decided on someone to do our invitations.
This is a BIG DEAL for me!
I've spoken to some amazing people in the past few months and received some beautiful samples in the mail!
The decision was hard, but it came down to the best quality & the most pieces for the best price.

I can't even remember how I found Kate of Oh So Suite, but I'm so very happy I stumbled on her work.
Here's some from the "About Me" section of her website, you can kinda say she had me at hello...
Kate will be working with us to come up with a completely custom design!
For a great price and within our budget we will get:
125 custom letterpress invites in 2 colors
125 vintage type response cards in 4 colors
125 custom drawn map in 4 colors
125 outer envelopes
125 wrap labels w/guests names

I really wanted custom, letterpressed invites so to save some money we've opted for a reply postcard so that we don't need an inner envelope! BONUS: we'll also save on postage!
Everything will be kept nice and neat together in the wrap labels!

Kate said that we can expect an initial design layout by May 8th and then everything will move forward from there!
How exciting!?

Here's some of Kate's work that is available for sale right now on her website...

So I have an idea...

A few weeks ago when Mr. P and I were driving to DC to see our friends we ended up having to take a detour. There was major traffic because of 9 miles of road construction taking place during rush hour on a FRIDAY!!!!
Pepe and his mad navigational skills came to the rescue and found us a back way that saved us at least an hour.
Anyways, we ended up driving through this little town filled with mobile homes, rocking chairs, a man sitting on his front porch jamming on the guitar and the most gorgeous fields!!!
It was sunny out, the perfect time of day, and I felt mesmerized by the beauty of these fields.
I noticed a few that only had one tree! One beautiful tree with no one to share it's land.
I thought to myself, "this would be such a pretty place for engagement photos!"
Then an idea popped in my head...
See I saw this poster on Wedding Bee the other day...and knew I wanted do something similar for our guests to sign.
Here's my vision...
A poster size photo of Pepe and I sitting in a big giant tree in an empty field.
The poster will read:
"Pepe and Emie Sitting in a Tree
First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage...

OCTOBER 18, 2009"

Is this incredibly cheesy and I just don't realize it?
I think I may contact our amazing photographer just to get her thoughts and see if she knows any trees in Charleston Mr. P and I can climb. ;)

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shower me!

My FMIL and FSIL are hosting a 'Couple's Shower' for us sometime in July (exact date still to be determined).
I'm so very grateful that they have offered to do this and beyond ecstatic about the idea of a couples shower, how fun?!
All I know is that they're inviting local friends and family, it's going to be at their gorgeous home on the lake, and we'll be BBQ'ing!
When I get happy I shake (just ask anyone who's eaten burrito's with me) and as I typed these first few sentences I caught myself shaking in my office chair. Oh boy!

Mr. P asked me Sunday evening as I climbed into bed if I'd like to go to the mall sometime this week?
Really? The mall and with my favorite person in the whole wide world?
I can't wait to check out Anthropolgie's pretty summer dresses as possible attire for this lovely shower!
My criteria for this outfit:
bright colors AND/OR
pretty flowers
Here are some of my fav's:

So glad you could make it!

Wanna know one of the things I look forward to most at a wedding?
The 'Welcome Bags'! Horrible, I know, but something about them just gets me so excited!

I'll be honest, the only thing we've probably ever used was the Advil packets on Sunday morning, but still it's exciting to know there's chocolate and peanut butter crackers for you to devour if your heart so desires.

I can't wait to put together ours! I already have a good idea of the contents, but what will hold said contents is a different story.

On my work computer I have an inspiration folder saved for anything wedding related!
In my 'welcome bag' folder are these two photos:
This one was designed by Erica of Thoughtful Day for her own wedding...
I love the idea of just using a natural colored canvas tote bag and having a cute image screen printed on it.
However this could end up being somewhat expensive!
The cheapest price I've found so far is 50 for $200 from Rush Import.
Does that sound like too much? Not really sure what I should spend on these.

The second picture if of Mrs. Lovebug's wedding baskets found via Weddingbee.
I adore this look but am also having a hard time finding a good deal on wicker baskets.
Any ideas where to look?
I think I'll try and check out Michael's later this week.
So far the cheapest I've seen online is $4 which also comes to $200 for 50.
Ay yi yi!

Stay tuned for more on this later in the week....

Monday, April 27, 2009


Merriam Webster defines 'Willpower' as energetic determination!
I used to have plenty! There was a point when I wouldn't touch fast food, when I only drank water, and had grilled chicken for dinner.
I mean I was even a Vegetarian for almost a year, which definitely took willpower because this gal' loves her some chicken!

Lately I lack the determination needed to really get me going on the right track!
It's incredibly frustrating!
Remember two weeks ago when I blogged about my 'goals'?
Well since then I've been to the gym once, maybe twice, went on a run or two, and did a few lunges & crunches while watching tv.
Not exactly enough to help me lose a pound or two!

I decided this morning to try cutting bread completely out of my diet for the next few weeks!
It's going to be hard, but hopefully it will give me a boost in the right direction.
I know if I lose a couple of pounds it will make me want to work out more!

Any other tips or suggestions on how to drop a few L-B's? Maybe something that has worked for you?

Weekend Update

Hi friends! :)
Hope you all had a marvelous weekend!!!
Mr. P and I sure did!
Friday was perfect...
yummy pizza, yummy drinks, the best of friends, bowling, jello shots, karaoke, birthday cake...
it doesn't get much better?

We then spent the rest of the weekend relaxing and knocking out shows on our DVR left and right...
exactly what we needed after traveling the past 3 weekends!

I did experiment with our 'drink stirrers' yesterday and this is definitely going to be a 'trial and error' process.
More on that later though...

Jeniene, from Ciao Bambino, e-mailed me photos of her progress on our custom cupcake toppers. :)
Aren't they adorable?
Just what I needed to put a smile on my face this morning.

(p.s.-thanks Chels!!! I FINALLY know how to move photos around? I know you what you mean about feeling reborn! ;)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring, I love you today!

I took a walk around uptown today.
Sunshine a plenty!
A mini farmer's market (HELLO green beans, corn & strawberries!)
Street musicians, who were really quite good if you stopped to listen!
And finally, I found the flowers I'd been looking for all week!
Thanks Chels! :)

Now I'm back in the office, BOO!, day dreaming of the place I'll be come 7pm this evening...
at Brixx Pizza, with a great group of friends, enjoying pizza and blue moon! :)

2 other new developments I must share with you:
Fiancee and I are buying a Red Delicious Apple Tree to plant in our back yard! :)
I'm picturing many APPLE CRUMBLE's in our future! Want one?

Also, Mr. P bought me an early birthday present yesterday. It's an acoustic guitar set complete with the "Acoustic Guitar for Dummies" book. :)
The only time I've held a guitar was during the one lesson I took at a church I used to attend.
It didn't go over so well.
I've always wanted to play, but I don't take instruction well from others. I truly lack patience...hence the reason I faked my way through 2 years of playing the sax in band class until I was sent down the hall to Chorus.
Anyhow, I'm pretty excited!!! :D Fiancee bought himself an electric keyboard and we plan to start a band? ;) Any suggestions on a band name?

Oh and love, I promise to use this gift way more than I have the bicycle you bought me 2 birthday's ago that now hangs (in a very cool way) from our garage ceiling! ;)

Hope everyone has happy weekend plans!

*btw, if you like the cool photo effect you MUST check out Picnik! It's so much fun to play around with your photos! My favorite effect right now, the "HDR-ish". :)

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good food, great friends & pretty decor = one heck of a good time!

Since our wedding is now on a Sunday we'll of course be having our Rehearsal on Saturday.
Therefore there really isn't much time for a Bridal Luncheon.
This made me very sad...

until I realized we can have a Bridal Dinner instead. :)
It will take place Friday evening in the back yard of the house my family will be renting for the week.
We actually stayed at this house during the Cooper Bridge Run a few weeks ago.
It's cute and will serve the purpose (a place to get ready and sleep) just fine!

There's a cute little backyard, pictured above in photo #2, that I think will be perfect for the occasion.
I picture twinkle lights in the tree's, 3 round tables each with 5 chairs, pretty table linens, antique plates and food galore set up on the back porch.
My mama has been keeping her eyes peeled (she frequents antique shops) for pretty dinnerware.
She already has a collection of the most beautiful vintage vases and those darling blueish Mason Jars that I adore.
Photo #1 is my inspiration, found here.
I want it to be as girly and shabby chic as possible! :)
Boy oh boy am I excited for our wedding weekend!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As you probably know by now, we'll be setting up a 'cookie buffet' as favors for guests to take home after the reception.
Here's how I envision it...
cookie jars filled to the brim with different, yummy cookies
flower arrangements in vintage milk jars &
gift bags for guests to fill up with their favorites.

The other day I thought it would be cute to have little stickers for guests to seal their bags shut with.
I'd like the stickers to read, 'muah', 'swak' and 'kiss.'
As in 'Sealed with a Kiss'. :)

I found KisforCalligraphy's Etsy site through Brooklyn Bride.
I've contacted her to see if she can work on this custom project for me.

*Pictured are some 'Thank You' stickers she has on her site.

Why are wedding blogs sometimes bad?

Because I'm always coming across something I love that causes me to immediately think, "I MUST HAVE THAT!"
This was the case when I saw this gorgeous ring bearer pillow featured on Weddingbee this morning.
The pillow is made by Llubav...she has some really cute stuff on her site, check it out!

Yes, I've already sent her an e-mail and YES, I plan to buy one if her prices aren't too bad.

I can't help it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm the proud owner....

Of 1000 wooden stir sticks and I'm beyond ecstatic about it!
One of the DIY projects I decided I wanted to do was custom drink stirrers.
Guest may not even pay them any attention, but I will and they'll make me happy! :)

I purchased these sticks from an online site called the Biodegradable Store for only $4.95. Not bad, eh?

The second picture is my inspiration. How cute is that?
The little flag on the toothpick is actually made of decorative masking tape found here and pictured in photo 3.
I adore the masking tape but it's currently not available and I've put this project off for long enough.

SO I went on one of my favorite fabric sites, the Fat Quarter Shop, and purchased a bunch of fabric, pictured in photo 4, that I'll turn into stickers using my nifty xyron machine.
I'll probably trim the ends using decorative scissors.

Stay tuned for updates my darlings.
Hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Really Anthropologie? had to go and make me love you even more?
This was waiting for me in our mailbox when I got home last night!

It's a coupon for 15% off the total purchase for the month of May at any Anthropolgie store.

Can you say hello brand new floral apron and pretty, ruffly, flowery, dress for the Bridal Shower?

Weekend Update

This weekend Mr. P and I headed to the D.C. area to visit some of our favorite people that we normally only get to see during the Virginia Tech Football season.
Despite not arriving until after midnight on Friday we had a GREAT time jam packed with fun.

Photo info:

1-Mr. P with 'The Diemars'. They have the most beautiful house in the most adorable neighborhood in Leesburg, VA!
What a loving, positive, happy couple they make! We heart them!
We had such a good time and really wish we could have stayed a bit longer!

2-Jill (aka Mrs. Diemar) has been riding horses since she was 7. Riverside is the name of her beautiful horse she owns. Jill took me out to the farm where River lives and I was able to ride her for a bit!
Want more proof?
Click here and here.

3-Later in the afternoon we went hiking.
I'm not sure which I liked more...
The pretty, very green fields, old barns and legit antique stores we passed on the way OR the view from the top of the mountain?
*see Mr. P and Brian (aka Mr. Diemar) conversing in this pic? So cute!

4-View from the top!
Pretty, huh?

5-One last highlight from the trip was stopping at Mom's Apple Pie on Sunday afternoon.
This bakery is housed in a small and quaint brick building.
I loved it so much I almost cried!
I didn't know this until I visited their website today, but it's was featured on Road Tested with Jamie and Bobby Deen (Paula Deen's sons'), one of my favorite Food Network shows!
I wish I would have taken lots of photos for you all.
They had pie galore, the biggest whoopie pies I've ever seen, macarons, cupcakes (of course I bought one with pink icing) and sugar cookies in all shapes and colors topped with lots of sprinkles!
What I wouldn't do to own my own little bakery like this?

After a yummy lunch we told our buddies goodbye and hopped in the car for our 6 hour drive home!
A great weekend like that makes any amount of driving worth it, especially with a road trip partner as fabulous as Mr. P! ;)


On this day 31 years ago my best friend, my true love, my fiancee, was born! :)
Happy Birthday Pepe, my darling!
I hope you have a very happy, happy day...I promise to give you lots of Birthday kisses later, until then I'll be thinking of you!
Wish we didn't have to work today so I could shower you with attention!
I love you dearly!!!

Friday, April 17, 2009

a way with words...

***UPDATE: After e-mailing back and forth with Julene the sign will read, "We go together like Milk and Cookies". Don't you adore it? So excited!

How intricate and beautiful is this?
I found Julene via Snippet and Ink this morning and you bet your bottom I've already contacted her.
How cute would this sign be if it read 'Love is sweet but it's nice to have cookies with it'?
I'd of course display it at our 'Cookie Buffet'!
Oh how I love it!

Light my fire part deux!

5 months ago I thought I was going to be knocking out DIY projects left and right.
Unfortunately that hasn't been the case.
I've had to relinquish certain projects to individuals more talented than I.
I of course turned to Etsy!
Think I sound like a broken record?
It's just that Etsy is kinda...AMAZING!
I placed an Alchemy request for sparkler holders and have decided to go with Ting Creates.
Dana sent me over a rough draft picture this morning and I really think it's going to look nice paired next to the matchboxes I've made.

Dana & Emily, who own Ting Creates together, even went out and bought sparklers so they could photograph the holders doing their intended job.
How sweet is that?
Now they are going to mail us one so we can see it in person, make any changes we'd like, and then they'll make the final product.
Pretty awesome, right?

What do you lovelies think? Like it so far? Any changes you'd like to suggest?

Thursday, April 16, 2009

A Day to Remember

2 years ago today was a very, very sad and tragic day at our beloved Virginia Tech University!

"We will continue to invent the future through our blood and tears and through all our sadness.... We will prevail...."

-- Nikki Giovanni, University Distinguished Professor, poet, activist

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twin Ravens Press

Now that our Save the Dates have been sent out it's time for me to obsess over the invitations for the next month or so, right?

Truth is I've been researching invitations since about two weeks after we were engaged.
I've always heard that the invitation sets the tone of the wedding.
Since I can't get that out of my head it's really making this whole process harder than it should be!
We've received many wedding invitations over the years and to me they all kinda looked the same.
That's not a bad thing, that's just not how we roll.
I want the invites to be fun and if that makes them informal, so be it!

It just occurred to me that I've spent more time obsessing over these invites than I did my dress.
Kinda odd.

Anyways, I know that I want letterpress!
This is a technique that can be dated back to 750 A.D.! I love that!
It's basically a technique that stamps ink into paper using raised lettering.
It adds texture my darlings!
However it can be quite pricey because of the time involved.

I found Twin Ravens Press online a few days ago via Weddingbee.
I received an initial quote from them yesterday and was elated to find out that letterpress may be in our budget after all!
They do gorgeous work and you can view some of it on their blog!
*Pictured is one of my favorite sets.
They are sending me some samples to view and I can't wait to see and touch the beauties!
I'll definitely keep you all posted.

Happy Humpday!

Oh and I can't not mention that thanks to my wonderful fiancee our venue, our caterer and the trolley's are all being booked today! :)
I can't wait for our wedding!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Chel Belle

A few weeks ago on one of my 'Weekend Updates' I wrote about a get together at the Cheds' house!
Ched=Chelsea & Ted
They are also engaged.
Check out Chelsea's blog, The Sweet Life, here!

Moving on...
That evening Chelsea asked a group of us to be part of her bridal party in the sweetest, most heartfelt way.
I'm pretty certain that at some point everyone shed a tear or two!

Chelsea presented us with these adorable gift bags!
She wrote a different, personal note to each of us that ended with her asking us to be a part of the big day.
*again, we all of course said YES!

She also MADE each girl a set of coasters!
*there is a tutorial on Chelsea's blog!
Pictured is my set with two adorable love birds. If you know me you know I'm fascinated with love birds!

I use these coasters nightly.
I honestly hope they last forever! They are the loveliest reminder of such a wonderful evening and an even better friend!
Love you Chels!

Spring Cleaning...

I'm playing around with new blog colors, sorry if I'm pointing out the obvious!

Why the change?

1. Pink is pretty far down on my list of favorite colors, actually I kinda despise it, so my blog should have never been that lovely shade of pink for so long anyways.

2. It's Spring and time for a new look!

3. I was bored!

kiss kiss!

You rock my world!

Etsy's motto is "BUY, SELL, & LIVE HOMEMADE"!
About 90% of our wedding purchases so far have come from Etsy shop's and that makes me feel quite happy (almost an oxymoron)!
I've been overjoyed with each and every item we've received so far.

This weekend I made another purchase from Signs by Diane.
It's a vintage/shabby-chic looking sign and I adore it!

Diane informed me that her husband would be going out this week to pick up more wood. :) I love that!
She's going to make our sign in Ivory with the font of my choice!
The sign has mirror hangers on the back so that we can hang it near the pathway to the ceremony.

Being able to connect with the seller and make custom requests is one of the many receives I'll continue to shop Etsy!
If you haven't checked it out already, please do! You'll be hooked!

*oops, posted the wrong sign earlier!

Monday, April 13, 2009

All the cool kids are doing it!

That's what my fiancee said this morning after I informed him I'd been inadvertently using Nivea Body Wash as lotion for the past week!

It all started at Food Lion last Monday as I perused the aisle for a fun new lotion.
The word 'Sparkle' caught my eye and after Mr. P told me he thought it smelled yummy, I was sold!
Last Tuesday after my morning shower I slathered (kinda a weird word) it all over!
I thought the consistency was weird, it kinda looked like shampoo, but I thought to myself, "this must be the new thing!"
It went on white and after a few seconds dried to a nice sheen!
I even added more one day because I liked that it made me shine.

It wasn't until this morning when bubbles were popping out of the lid that I thought to go in for closer inspection.
Sure enough, 'CREAM OIL BODY WASH'!
This is definitely up there with one of the dumbest things I've ever done!

Kinda smelled really good. :(


and After! :)
As I mentioned in my previous post, I planted flowers yesterday.
It was such a fun time!
Made me a bit nostalgic actually...

When my sister and I were younger we'd go with my mother to a small market by the name of Wheatley's. She'd let us help her pick out Petunia's and Impatient's. :) Before we left we'd get a coke in one of those old school bottles and some candy.
Fond memories.

I have a long way to go before our flowers look as good as my Mama's! She's a pro my friends!
Really, she has a lovely garden every year complete with lots of bird's nests and birdies!
It's a happy place! One I hope to visit very soon!

Weekend Update

Boy oh boy where has the day gone?
I've been meaning to get to this all day!
Any how, this weekend was perfection!
Truly, it was.

Friday evening we joined our friend's the Barzee's, along with some of their family who was in town, for a few drinks (always a nice treat after a long week).
Saturday morning we roadtripped it back to Charleston with the Barzee's and their cousins Katie and Will (GREAT PEOPLE!).
Honestly, it did not feel like a 3 and half hour trip because we were in such great company!

We were dropped off at our car (they were on their way to Pawley's Island) and P and I spent a lovely afternoon indulging in wings and chicken sandwiches!
Yes my friends, we decided to hit up the Kickin' Chicken instead of Magnolia's. Smart move on our part because it was delicioso!
Afterwards we made our way to Three Dogs Bakery to pick up a few treats for the Tuckmeister!
*Pictured above is iced Easter Bunny Cookie*

Then we headed to CUPCAKE! :)
I adored their shop and cupcake mobile (also pictured above), but I'm certain Cupcake Joe (remember, that's our coffee/cupcake shop we're going to open) will be even more amazing!!! ;)

Easter Sunday was beautiful and we had a lovely lunch/early dinner with my future in laws!
LOTS of food!
I'm talking lobster crepes, pasta, puff pastry stuffed with oodles of italian sausages, potatoes, veggies, ice cream topped with honey, berries and whipped cream!
Come to think of it I probably gained a few lbs. thanks to that meal, but it was well worth it!
So yummy!

Fortunately I planted flowers, first time all by myself, and had to have burned a few calories!
Boy was I sweaty!

Hope everyone had a very Happy Easter! :)