Thursday, April 23, 2009

Good food, great friends & pretty decor = one heck of a good time!

Since our wedding is now on a Sunday we'll of course be having our Rehearsal on Saturday.
Therefore there really isn't much time for a Bridal Luncheon.
This made me very sad...

until I realized we can have a Bridal Dinner instead. :)
It will take place Friday evening in the back yard of the house my family will be renting for the week.
We actually stayed at this house during the Cooper Bridge Run a few weeks ago.
It's cute and will serve the purpose (a place to get ready and sleep) just fine!

There's a cute little backyard, pictured above in photo #2, that I think will be perfect for the occasion.
I picture twinkle lights in the tree's, 3 round tables each with 5 chairs, pretty table linens, antique plates and food galore set up on the back porch.
My mama has been keeping her eyes peeled (she frequents antique shops) for pretty dinnerware.
She already has a collection of the most beautiful vintage vases and those darling blueish Mason Jars that I adore.
Photo #1 is my inspiration, found here.
I want it to be as girly and shabby chic as possible! :)
Boy oh boy am I excited for our wedding weekend!


  1. Yes! Finally ;)

    For some reason, this post reminds me of Steel Magnolias. I think it's the pretty antique vase! I think you should make it a rule that we all have to come to the dinner table dressed in pretty sun dresses.

    Oh how fun!!!
    I don't want to wish summer away because I love it, but I can't help wishing October were sooner!