Monday, April 13, 2009

Weekend Update

Boy oh boy where has the day gone?
I've been meaning to get to this all day!
Any how, this weekend was perfection!
Truly, it was.

Friday evening we joined our friend's the Barzee's, along with some of their family who was in town, for a few drinks (always a nice treat after a long week).
Saturday morning we roadtripped it back to Charleston with the Barzee's and their cousins Katie and Will (GREAT PEOPLE!).
Honestly, it did not feel like a 3 and half hour trip because we were in such great company!

We were dropped off at our car (they were on their way to Pawley's Island) and P and I spent a lovely afternoon indulging in wings and chicken sandwiches!
Yes my friends, we decided to hit up the Kickin' Chicken instead of Magnolia's. Smart move on our part because it was delicioso!
Afterwards we made our way to Three Dogs Bakery to pick up a few treats for the Tuckmeister!
*Pictured above is iced Easter Bunny Cookie*

Then we headed to CUPCAKE! :)
I adored their shop and cupcake mobile (also pictured above), but I'm certain Cupcake Joe (remember, that's our coffee/cupcake shop we're going to open) will be even more amazing!!! ;)

Easter Sunday was beautiful and we had a lovely lunch/early dinner with my future in laws!
LOTS of food!
I'm talking lobster crepes, pasta, puff pastry stuffed with oodles of italian sausages, potatoes, veggies, ice cream topped with honey, berries and whipped cream!
Come to think of it I probably gained a few lbs. thanks to that meal, but it was well worth it!
So yummy!

Fortunately I planted flowers, first time all by myself, and had to have burned a few calories!
Boy was I sweaty!

Hope everyone had a very Happy Easter! :)

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