Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekend Update

This weekend Mr. P and I headed to the D.C. area to visit some of our favorite people that we normally only get to see during the Virginia Tech Football season.
Despite not arriving until after midnight on Friday we had a GREAT time jam packed with fun.

Photo info:

1-Mr. P with 'The Diemars'. They have the most beautiful house in the most adorable neighborhood in Leesburg, VA!
What a loving, positive, happy couple they make! We heart them!
We had such a good time and really wish we could have stayed a bit longer!

2-Jill (aka Mrs. Diemar) has been riding horses since she was 7. Riverside is the name of her beautiful horse she owns. Jill took me out to the farm where River lives and I was able to ride her for a bit!
Want more proof?
Click here and here.

3-Later in the afternoon we went hiking.
I'm not sure which I liked more...
The pretty, very green fields, old barns and legit antique stores we passed on the way OR the view from the top of the mountain?
*see Mr. P and Brian (aka Mr. Diemar) conversing in this pic? So cute!

4-View from the top!
Pretty, huh?

5-One last highlight from the trip was stopping at Mom's Apple Pie on Sunday afternoon.
This bakery is housed in a small and quaint brick building.
I loved it so much I almost cried!
I didn't know this until I visited their website today, but it's was featured on Road Tested with Jamie and Bobby Deen (Paula Deen's sons'), one of my favorite Food Network shows!
I wish I would have taken lots of photos for you all.
They had pie galore, the biggest whoopie pies I've ever seen, macarons, cupcakes (of course I bought one with pink icing) and sugar cookies in all shapes and colors topped with lots of sprinkles!
What I wouldn't do to own my own little bakery like this?

After a yummy lunch we told our buddies goodbye and hopped in the car for our 6 hour drive home!
A great weekend like that makes any amount of driving worth it, especially with a road trip partner as fabulous as Mr. P! ;)

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  1. How nice! This sounds like a really relaxing trip. And...I love the you tube videos! Speaking of which, how in the heck do you include links in your posts? What is the secret? XOXO