Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Twin Ravens Press

Now that our Save the Dates have been sent out it's time for me to obsess over the invitations for the next month or so, right?

Truth is I've been researching invitations since about two weeks after we were engaged.
I've always heard that the invitation sets the tone of the wedding.
Since I can't get that out of my head it's really making this whole process harder than it should be!
We've received many wedding invitations over the years and to me they all kinda looked the same.
That's not a bad thing, that's just not how we roll.
I want the invites to be fun and if that makes them informal, so be it!

It just occurred to me that I've spent more time obsessing over these invites than I did my dress.
Kinda odd.

Anyways, I know that I want letterpress!
This is a technique that can be dated back to 750 A.D.! I love that!
It's basically a technique that stamps ink into paper using raised lettering.
It adds texture my darlings!
However it can be quite pricey because of the time involved.

I found Twin Ravens Press online a few days ago via Weddingbee.
I received an initial quote from them yesterday and was elated to find out that letterpress may be in our budget after all!
They do gorgeous work and you can view some of it on their blog!
*Pictured is one of my favorite sets.
They are sending me some samples to view and I can't wait to see and touch the beauties!
I'll definitely keep you all posted.

Happy Humpday!

Oh and I can't not mention that thanks to my wonderful fiancee our venue, our caterer and the trolley's are all being booked today! :)
I can't wait for our wedding!

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  1. Cupcakes, these invites (or style, and postcard guest book - the vision is all coming clear and I just can't friggin wait! WHERE ARE YOU OCTOBER?