Wednesday, April 22, 2009


As you probably know by now, we'll be setting up a 'cookie buffet' as favors for guests to take home after the reception.
Here's how I envision it...
cookie jars filled to the brim with different, yummy cookies
flower arrangements in vintage milk jars &
gift bags for guests to fill up with their favorites.

The other day I thought it would be cute to have little stickers for guests to seal their bags shut with.
I'd like the stickers to read, 'muah', 'swak' and 'kiss.'
As in 'Sealed with a Kiss'. :)

I found KisforCalligraphy's Etsy site through Brooklyn Bride.
I've contacted her to see if she can work on this custom project for me.

*Pictured are some 'Thank You' stickers she has on her site.

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  1. Oh my goodndess I just love this so much. I 1) can't wait to eat cookies 2) See this unique, pretty project come to life.

    LOVE THIS times a million!