Thursday, April 9, 2009

Last night...

I baked Cinnamon Apple Monkey Bread (a sticky, gooey pastry)! It was mighty yummy! :P

My new favorite hobby is baking! I love it! If I had the time and more mouths to feed I'd probably bake every night! Cookies, brownies, quick breads, cupcakes! You name it, I wanna try it!

The problem with this new found passion is that I want to be in the best shape of my life for the wedding. I want to frolic on the beaches of Cancun with my new husband sporting a mighty fine set of abs!
And unfortunately Chocolate cake does not equal a six pack. :(
So for the time being I'm going to try and only bake for special occasions! I'm frowning at the thought of it.

Here are my reasonable goals:
Run 2-3 time a week
Do abs & lunges 4 times a week (I can easily do these in the comfort of our home)
Go to the gym at least twice a week
Only have 2 Diet Cokes a day
Eat healthy during the week and treat myself to a burrito or possibly a cupcake on the weekends. :)

I'll be checking in on the following Tuesday of each week with my progress from the week before.
I think having to be honest about it will help me...until I'm back on track.

P.S.-I chose that picture because I'm kinda diggin' the swimsuit! It's from VS and right now you get $20 off a purchase of $100. I think I'll order a couple suits as motivation!


  1. You can totally do that. And, give yourself some credit - you could frolic on the beach tomorrow and still be the hottest thing since Tabasco. I'm craving cup cakes that a special occasion to make some? ;)

  2. I love you! Know that? :D
    'Hottest thing since Tabasco' is definitely going into my repertoire!

    Oh and I'm always craving cupcakes! Truly!
    Next get together I'm making a recipe I have from Magnolia Bakery in NYC!
    Ooh if we go to NY for your bachelorette party we definitely have to hit Magnolia!