Wednesday, April 29, 2009


We've decided on someone to do our invitations.
This is a BIG DEAL for me!
I've spoken to some amazing people in the past few months and received some beautiful samples in the mail!
The decision was hard, but it came down to the best quality & the most pieces for the best price.

I can't even remember how I found Kate of Oh So Suite, but I'm so very happy I stumbled on her work.
Here's some from the "About Me" section of her website, you can kinda say she had me at hello...
Kate will be working with us to come up with a completely custom design!
For a great price and within our budget we will get:
125 custom letterpress invites in 2 colors
125 vintage type response cards in 4 colors
125 custom drawn map in 4 colors
125 outer envelopes
125 wrap labels w/guests names

I really wanted custom, letterpressed invites so to save some money we've opted for a reply postcard so that we don't need an inner envelope! BONUS: we'll also save on postage!
Everything will be kept nice and neat together in the wrap labels!

Kate said that we can expect an initial design layout by May 8th and then everything will move forward from there!
How exciting!?

Here's some of Kate's work that is available for sale right now on her website...


  1. Can't WAIT to see 'em, Love. : ]

  2. You must be so excited! Heck, I'm excited! I'm sure it's consuming your every thought so if you ever need to bust out with excitement or go on and on about invite details - IM ALL EARS. I love this stuff and am totally living through you and your wedding right now :)

  3. Chels (and P) you're awesome!!! :D
    Thanks so much!
    I'm incredibly excited and I promise not to completely talk your ear off on Friday. ;)