Monday, April 27, 2009


Merriam Webster defines 'Willpower' as energetic determination!
I used to have plenty! There was a point when I wouldn't touch fast food, when I only drank water, and had grilled chicken for dinner.
I mean I was even a Vegetarian for almost a year, which definitely took willpower because this gal' loves her some chicken!

Lately I lack the determination needed to really get me going on the right track!
It's incredibly frustrating!
Remember two weeks ago when I blogged about my 'goals'?
Well since then I've been to the gym once, maybe twice, went on a run or two, and did a few lunges & crunches while watching tv.
Not exactly enough to help me lose a pound or two!

I decided this morning to try cutting bread completely out of my diet for the next few weeks!
It's going to be hard, but hopefully it will give me a boost in the right direction.
I know if I lose a couple of pounds it will make me want to work out more!

Any other tips or suggestions on how to drop a few L-B's? Maybe something that has worked for you?


  1. Eat snacks throughout the day... like mini-carrots.

  2. Sex and lots of it. ; )

  3. I wouldn't cut out any one thing completely. It puts too much focus on it and makes you crave it more. Instead, try eating more of a better choice. Like the mini carrots mentioned above. If you do an all or nothing approach, you beat yourself up too much if you don't do it. Try doing a walk/run 3 times a week for starters and then add to it once that becomes part of your new routine.

  4. I agree with all of these (not that I'm a rockstar at this, because I'm not)...BUT, this is what helps me:

    1) KETTLEBELL - seriously. After just 5 minutes I'm suckin' wind and I just make up my own exercises while watching tv. Much more exciting than you're typical squats.

    2) I'm a pretty big advocate for the 100 calories snacks. You would think I had a family of 9 with all the kids-size snacks in the house. I bring like 2 or 3 to work with me and just eat one like every couple hours. Cheez-Its, Fudge Striped Cookies, Goldfish, Pizza sticks....need I say more?

    3) I burn time at work by creating a calendar of my workouts. That way, if I skip a day...I feel guilty and try to make up for it.

    FYI - Tomorrow is my very first day of trying to drink my morning coffee with no french delicious vanilla creamer (this contradicts cutting things out completely, I know). I'm so sad and I know how you feel. We can do it!

  5. P.S. My last guilty pleasure for the evening was to checking blogger and post. Today's post was going to be about toning my arms - funny! Great minds think alike. Do you have a Y membership? Maybe we can do day classes uptown a couple times a week. XOXO

  6. P.P.S. That picture is hilarious. And after all this time commenting, my guilty pleasure time is up!!

    How exciting to sign on and see all your suggestions!

    Chels I KNEW you were going to say "Kettlebell"!
    I'm honestly heading out today or tomorrow to pick one up! If nothing else I at least like saying the name and the way it looks. ;)

    Good luck on the cutting out creamer! I believe in you!!!
    I'll be checking in on your progress in a few days!

    xo's to all!