Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Shower me!

My FMIL and FSIL are hosting a 'Couple's Shower' for us sometime in July (exact date still to be determined).
I'm so very grateful that they have offered to do this and beyond ecstatic about the idea of a couples shower, how fun?!
All I know is that they're inviting local friends and family, it's going to be at their gorgeous home on the lake, and we'll be BBQ'ing!
When I get happy I shake (just ask anyone who's eaten burrito's with me) and as I typed these first few sentences I caught myself shaking in my office chair. Oh boy!

Mr. P asked me Sunday evening as I climbed into bed if I'd like to go to the mall sometime this week?
Really? The mall and with my favorite person in the whole wide world?
I can't wait to check out Anthropolgie's pretty summer dresses as possible attire for this lovely shower!
My criteria for this outfit:
bright colors AND/OR
pretty flowers
Here are some of my fav's:


  1. I'm loving the middle one! I'm trying to find a pretty one too for our engagement party and e-session. No luck so far. You'll have to let me know if you make headway at the mall.

    P.S. It took like like 10 minutes to figure out what FMIL and FSIL stood for - talk about still trying to learn the jargon!

  2. Ha! :) I should have translated! Took me awhile at first too but now I'm so used to using it I forget some might not know what it means.

    I'll definitely let you know if I have any luck at the mall!
    I tried for weeks to find something I liked for our e-pics and it was so hard!
    You're so lucky you can wear a cute dress. :)

  3. I'll be wearing nothing more than chaps and a cowboy hat. Just trying to stay cool during these hot summer months. ; )