Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Breaking it down!

By now anyone who regularly reads this blog has received their Save the Date in the mail.
Everyone really seems to like them which makes me as happy as a pig in a mud puddle!!!
I can now show pictures of the whole, fun process. :)
As you know from a couple previous entries it took me a few days to assemble these bad boys before they could actually be mailed out.
You may have received them and thought to yourself, "what took her so long?" Well here's what!

Step 1 (Photo 1 & 2): This is what the invite looked like when I received them in the mail from the lovely Karissa of Kiss and Tell Cards.

Step 2: I cut & measured out all the bakers twine I would need, cut a bunch of white stickers to attach the 'moo cards' and gathered the rest of the items & tools I'd need.

Step 3: I used my nifty little corner hole punch from Target to round out all the edges. I thought this went much better with the whole overall look of the cards.

Step 4: I used a ruler and an Xacto Knife to cut out a little tiny square on each side of the card. This was so the bakers twine would wrap around the card and stay in place nice and snuggly!

Step 5: Attach the bakers twine to the 'moo cards' using the little white stickers I cut out.

Step 6: I purchased a big roll of self-adhesive magnets at Michael's for like 4 bucks! I then cut the roll into small individual sized magnets that also attached to the 'moo cards'.

Step 7 (Photo 8 & 9): Wrap each card with the bakers twine, in various colors, and tie in a little bow. :)

Step 8: Place in pretty little envelope and affix stamp. If you remember the custom stamps I ordered ended up being to big for the envelope...we're going to save those for the invites.
These pretty lil' stamps from USPS worked just fine!

Step 9: With a BIG smile on your face place all completed Save the Dates in a box to take to Post Office the next morning!


Now I can start worrying about the actual Invitations.


  1. I love it, i love it, i just LOVE it!!!!Your Save the Dates truly were so unique and creative. I can't wait for everything else!

  2. We love our save the dates! Beautiful job and so thoughtfully done.

  3. Thanks ladies! :) So sweet! Love you both!!!

  4. MAN are we cute! : P