Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I'm in bed wearing my crest white strips and watching American Idol.
Of course I'm online...I'm a tiny bit addicted at the moment.
No e-mails to catch up on and I've visted every blog I can think of at least a dozen times today, so what's a gal to do?
Shoe Shop of course! :)

I love my dress so very, very much! It's so lovely that not just any ol' shoe will do.
I've spotted these new lovely Christian Louboutin's over on Saks website and I'm head over heels, pun intended!!!
They are available for pre-order right now and I'd be lying if I said I weren't contemplating it!!!
I've had the hardest time finding a pretty pair of blue shoes (my original plan), but I love that these have just a bit of blue. PLUS I've been coveting a pair of these red sole designer shoes for years now!!!
Hmmm....Should I?

Item of the Day

Hi friends! :)
Today, for once, has been a busy day for me around the office.
Good news, the day flew by!
Bad news, I've left you hangin' with no real post.
I do have a few wedding updates to catch you up on, but that's going to have to wait until tomorrow.
In the meantime feast your eyes on today's lovely item!!!
How perfectly adorable is this headband? I love the feathers and I love that the underside is a beautiful chartreuse color!

Yes, I did order it for myself.
If you happen to want one as well, click here!

I'm now gonna try to sneak out of work and home to my fiancee! :) Best part of my day!

Monday, March 30, 2009

Item of the Day

I love how whimsical and modern this Alabaster deer head is! I would of course never have the real thing hanging on my wall (hunting=very uncool) but I'd love to have this hanging somewhere, I just know it would make me smile every time I walked by it!

Weekend Update

Hi friends! :)
What a fantastic weekend I just had!
Friday before hitting the gym Mr. P went with me to Williams and Sonoma so I could pick up the Sprinkles Cupcake mix. I spent that evening baking with my doggy and a good glass of vino.
It was lovely.
The cupcakes were definitely not the best I've had or even made before, but they were still pretty scrumptious!

Saturday was jam packed with lots of fun despite the monsoon like weather!!!!
I started my morning off right, at the mall! And can I just tell you how much I love Anthropologie! I wish I could have one of everything they sale!
After a quick shopping trip I met up with some of my lovely bridesmaids at Bella Bridesmaid.
Since I prefer the girls wear chiffon to coordinate with my dress, the choices were narrowed down very quickly.
To see our favorite from this store, click here.
After round 1 we headed to Cantina 1511 for tacos and sangria! Yummy!
After filling our tummies we headed to J Majors were I purchased my dress.
We had a favorite here but after looking at the swatches we learned it wasn't available in any colors that would work. :(
Now we're on the hunt for this Jim Hjelm dress!!!

Later that evening after getting dolled up we headed to Ted and Chelsea's beautiful new home for a night of debauchery!
Downstairs was coined "the man cave" where the guys all played poker.
Upstairs Chelsea had a lovely spread laid out...there were pink streamers, martinis , jello shots and food galore.
Chelsea asked us ladies to be a part of her bridal party in one of the sweetest ways you can imagine! Of course we said YES!!! :D More on this later!!!!
The ladies then headed uptown to top off the evening with a little dancing!!!
Saturday was truly one of the best days I've had in awhile.
I unfortunately left my camera in the cab at the end of the evening but it was thankfully rescued by my lovely friend Emily! Thank you EM!!!
So lots of pictures to come later this week, promise!!!

After such a fabulous day Mr. P and I spent most of yesterday on the couch catching up on our DVR!

Hope you all had a marvelous weekend as well!!!

***Pictures of the action to come soon but in the meantime here's a lovely picture of a cherry Blossom Tree! I've been ogling these trees in the past few weeks and couldn't think of their name! So happy I finally figured it out! Their gorgeous!***

Friday, March 27, 2009

You just have to!

Click here!
Before I sign off for the weekend I was doing one last check-in with a few of my favorite blogs and I came across this wedding shot by the talented photographers of Our Labor of Love.
It's so dreamy!!! I mean look at that photo again!
The couple are both HUGE animal lovers and animals have played a big role in their lives. The groom's family runs Noah's Ark, an animal rehabilitation program and that's were they first met. So sweet.
So I leave you with this lovely picture.
Hope you all have weekends filled with lots of love and laughter.

Hip Hip Hooray

for Saturday's!
I'm so excited for tomorrow friends.

I'm starting the afternoon off with a pedi/mani (desperately needed) and afterwards meeting some of my lovely Charlotte bridesmaids at Bella Bridesmaid for round 1 of the bridesmaid dress hunt! Round 2 will begin at 3:00pm at J Majors where I purchased my dress.
My hope is that we'll either find one that suits all the ladies or at least narrow it down so we can get everyone's opinion. I'm also still very open to the idea of selecting a color, a material and designer and letting the ladies pic their fav. We'll see what happens.
I've probably gone back and forth on colors a 100 times and I'm still not certain.
Maybe the whole "you'll just know it when you see it" holds true for bridesmaids dresses as well. ;)
I do know that I want the material to be chiffon to complement my dress. Plus chiffon is comfy and we'll hopefully have a couple pregnant BM's! :D
Can't wait to share some photos with you all!
Yep, that's right ladies! You let me take your picture tomorrow, it's going up on this site.

***Pictured are a few dresses I THINK I like! Found here, here, here , here and here (in order from top to bottom, left to right).
But you never know until you see them in person! I've definitely learned that lesson!***

Item of the Day

I came across these adorable little earrings yesterday and I adore them! You can purchase in silver or 14K gold and she makes every letter of the alphabet as well as a tiny little heart.
I want to purchase a heart for my right ear and a 'p' for my left. :) I smile just thinking about it.
Buy them here & read about them here.

Happy Friday my loves!
Thank you for checking out my blog from time to time...that makes me happy too!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Item of the Day

A few weeks ago my best friend Chelsea made a comment on my blog that I needed to check out a local store, Paper Skyscraper! She mentioned something about them having a cupcake book and I'd been wanting to go check it out ever since. We'll I was able to scoot on over to their store today and low and behold one of the first things I laid eyes on was the Hello Cupcake book!
"Hello cupcake book" I said under my breath. I'm now an owner of this New York Time Bestseller!
I've only scanned through the pages but I feel confident I will now become the master cupcake baker I've pictured myself being!
Buy your copy here!


The Save the Dates are in the mail! I repeat, the Save the Dates are in the mail.
Oh how I never thought this day would come!!!
When I got home from work last night our new stamps were waiting on me in the mailbox. I wasn't expecting them to come so quickly so I had put off putting them together.
Well the stamps arriving lit a fire under my bootay and I worked for at least 3 hours last night to finish them.
Hopefully everyone will start receiving them on Saturday! :) How exciting!?

***Mr. P took that picture at 8am this morning as I dropped them in the mailbox! NO I do not have dandruff, those little specks are rain on the window shield (he took the picture from the drivers seat). Yes, lovely weather we are having here in Charlotte!
Second pictures is of P and the Tuckmeister goofing around last night as I feverishly worked. It makes me smile so I wanted to post.***

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Emie's Item of the Day

Because I'm often bored at work and spend a lot of my time browsing the internet, I've decided to add this little daily feature. Maybe one day I'll feature an item you've been dying to have your whole life! Dramatic much? ;)

Today's item: Silly Seal Pin Cushion w/vintage pins available here!

*Yes I know this isn't wedding related! But I don't care and you shouldn't either. xo's*

A bump in the road!

When the fiancee and I decided on Magnolia Plantation we were thrilled that our new venue fee was substantially less than our original venue.
With the money saved we planned to provide transportation and also rent a tent for the evening.
I found Absolutely Charleston online and fell in love with their trolley's, one dates back to 1923! So cool!
I asked for a quote on renting 2 of their trolley's. Both the bridesmaids and groomsmen would take these out to the plantation early for pictures (how cute would the pictures on the way to Magnolia be?) and then they would return to pick up guests.
Perfect, right!? Well the quote was almost the amount we are paying for our venue. Although we'd still come in below the amount we were going to be paying for Bridgeside, it just seems ridiculous to us (maybe a little more to P than me).
I desperately want to use them! I think it would only enhance the whole experience, but am I being ridiculous?
I contacted another transportation company this morning that rents those big tour buses. If they are a MUCH better deal it may be smarter to go with this company.
What do you all think?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Damper my parade! :P

To go along with yesterday's post and because I'm not the happiest gal in the world...

Here are a few things I despise:

When people sit beside me on the bus! I don't know why it drives me mad, but it does! I usually hold anger towards this individual the whole ride home. So silly of me.
Colds in Spring time. Yuck!
Bosses who smoke right in front of you even when you say you're not feeling well. I'm sure that second hand smoke is great for my cold you DOUCHE! Wish I were brave enough to say this!
March Madness interfering with my regularly scheduled tv programming.
Long lines at the sandwich counter.
When my daily fountain drink comes to an end.

That's all!

Hello tiny cold!

I'm very sad today friends! I felt a little bit of a sore throat coming on yesterday, but hoped it was only because I was tired and run down. I hoped I would wake up this morning feeling like a new, improved version of myself. Not so much.
My throat hurts more, my lil' nose is running, my ears hurt and I feel so very tired!
This is very, very bad because what I need to do is go straight home and work on our save the dates, but what I'll probably do is go home and crawl up in a ball.
Oh and not to mention I should be running lots this week in order to better prepare myself for next weeks 10k.
I loaded up on every vitamin and herbal supplement I could find in the cabinet this morning, all courtesy of my very loving mother. The same mother who said to me this morning, "you never got sick when you lived at home with me." Very true mama san!
Well I'm going to try to remain positive. Hopefully a goods night rest paired with soup and lots of water will equal a healthy Emily tomorrow.
In the meantime I'm at work trying not to be miserable. Fortunately I received the new Williams and Sonoma catalog yesterday and found out that they now carry Sprinkles Bakery cupcake mixes! :) As a cupcake lover I've read many rave reviews about this Beverly Hills bakery.
Here's to me being healthy enough tomorrow to hit the gym and pick up a set of these cupcake mixes on my way.

P.S.-Hopefully you all have had time to notice all the pretty trees and bushes blooming! :) It's lovely!

Monday, March 23, 2009

My New Loves

in case you care...

Anything with chipotle!
My new yellow earrings purchased here and pictured above.
Rockstar diaries
Baja chicken sandwich at Quiznos, YUMMY!
Sprout Studio! I really want these in case someone wants to buy me a present. ;)
Gorgeous shoes adorned with some Oh My Deer Love! Definitely thinking about doing this for the BIG day!
My fiancee's (I don't use this term enough and I only have 7 months left of it) new gym shorts! They show off his handsome legs so nicely!
Oh and I almost forgot, ruffles and bows! :)


Weekend Update

By Saturday afternoon every piece of our Save the Dates had arrived.
Only one tiny problem arose, our custom stamps I created were not only the wrong color, they were too big for our envelopes!
I searched thoroughly online for another custom stamp shop that had smaller sizes but to no avail.
I find this very odd, but whatever.
Where to turn next? Well the United States Postal Service! Probably what I should have done in the first place.
I ordered (for half the price) some cute lil' stamps that will hopefully arrive soon so I can get these dag'on things in the mail!!!
We'll hopefully use the custom stamps on our actual invitations, which makes more sense anyways!
FYI: I've not even assembled half of the save the dates yet. :( It's taking me foreva'!

Sunday morning we hit up Logan's (my bridesmaid and P's usher's son) Spiderman themed birthday party complete with a bounce house! One major highlight of the party: said bounce house collapsing with about 7 or 8 kids inside! It was complete chaos and mayhem as parents tried to "rescue" their screaming/crying kids. I'll post a picture of that later for a couple Ha Ha's!

We then spent the rest of the day on the couch, it was bliss! I spent a lot of time on Etsy searching for the perfect cupcake flags. Yes, Mr. P has agreed to a small cake for us and cupcakes for everyone else. YAY!!!!
I found Ciao Bambino's store and fell in love with her little lovebird gifttags (pictured above). She's working on turning these into custom flags for us. :) How adorable, right?

Well that's a wrap!
Hope everyone had a great weekend!

***Today's is my great friend and bridesmaid, Emily Barzee's, birthday! Happy Birthday lovely lady!***

Friday, March 20, 2009

Here we go!

Our new venue is completely different from our original venue. To be completely honest it's much more what I originally pictured for us when we decided to get married in Charleston.
It's rustic while still being elegant, historic (c.1840), unique, and absolutely stunning!
It's been much easier for me to picture our wedding here! I think all my ideas (i.e. cookie buffet, my tree/postcard guest book, sporadic lovebirds) will go perfectly here.

When I see a wedding online that I love and that inspires me I save it to my 'Ooh La La' folder on my desktop.
This morning I turned to this folder when it came time to make a new ceremony/reception Inspiration Board. Most of the weddings come from Snippet and Ink, they always feature the most gorgeous 'real weddings'. The first picture on the second row is actually from Chelsea and Tec's Wedding (my favorite wedding to date) via Once Wed. The very last picture on the bottom row is from Martha Stewart Weddings (I love that they used baker's twine on these programs, since we are using them on our Save the Dates I may copy!).

Hope you enjoy the lovely photos! More importantly, hope you all have a marvelous weekend complete with oodles of sunshine!
See you all Monday for Weekend Update!

P.S.- Keep your fingers crossed that the last pieces of our Save the Dates arrive today or Saturday! I'm so very anxious!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hasta la Vista!

I think about my blog the same way I do my outfit for each day...at night I brainstorm different ideas and from those ideas I pick something out the next morning.
Well last night I thought today would be a great day to do a new inspiration board for our new venue.
However, after accidentally washing my hair twice this morning because I was in deep thought about catering, I thought it might be a good day to take a break from wedding planning. I mean chicken and empandas at 7 am? Not normal!
So folks other than incessantly checking my favorite blogs, Style Me Pretty & Weddingbee there will be no wedding obsessing today!
So I leave you with this supposed fact...
Saturday is the unluckiest wedding day to marry, according to English folklore.
Our new wedding day is Sunday, remember? ;) Woo Hoo!

***Pictured is my sister's dog aka my lovely nephew Charlie! He makes me smile!***

Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Remember I told you that a sweet man by the name of Richard put some photos of Magnolia Plantation on a cd for me? Well I've been trying to figure out how to resize them since Monday morning!! They were 'megabyte' size and I couldn't post them because it was taking forever and a day just to load one picture! UGH!
Anyways I've been playing around on Microsoft Office Picture Manager and FINALLY figured it out!
Next time I won't be so stubborn (I like to figure things out on my own) & I'll just ask Mr. P, in my opinion he's a computer genius!
Hope you like the photos...they certainly don't do it justice, but at least they give you an idea of our lovely ceremony/reception site!
Picture #1: The view of the Ashley River from the ceremony lawn.
Picture #2: View of the Carriage House that guests will see as they approach from the parking area.
Picture #3: Picture of Ceremony spot taken at night! The torches in the pictures line the whole area and come with the venue. That gorgeous tree also has twinkle lights on it that light up at night! :)
Picture #4: Inside of the Carriage House, don't you just love how rustic it is? This picture was taken of an event with next to no decorations and I still love it! I can't wait to see what it's going to look like once we've decorated!
Picture #5: The outdoor patio that also overlooks the Ashley River. And YES, there are 2 firepits! :) I may get to have my smores station after all!
Picture #6: Carriage House at night.
We are also going to set up a big tent on the lawn for dancing! :) I'm hoping to rent one of those beautiful glass top tents but waiting to hear back on pricing.
Hope you like!

Happy humpday folks!

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

How dreamy!?

I spent all day yesterday catching up on my favorite blogs! Once I made my way over to Style Me Pretty I spotted a particularly beautiful wedding! Low and behold it was designed by the ever talented ladies at Ooh Events! The same ladies planning our wedding!
Check out the gorgeous affair here!
I am ever so confident that our wedding will be fabulous thanks in great part to Ooh Events!
215 days to go!
***images courtesy of Style Me Pretty!***

Brock Photography

Darrell Brock is the amazing photographer that assisted Karyn during our Engagement Shoot.
I just found out from him last night that he posted some of our pictures on his blog! :) Check us out here! While you're there make sure to look through Darrell's work, it's truly incredible!

Monday, March 16, 2009

The Jemima

Saturday after checking into hotel #2 first thing I had to do was check my e-mail and Weddingbee (I'm slightly addicted to both).
Both informed me that Muscari was having a "secret sale" and offering 20% off of their beautiful flowers!!!
I first discovered the gorgeousness that is Muscari back in August of last year after discovering Etsy. I contacted the designer to see if she would make me a custom piece and she informed me that she was no longer going to be selling on Etsy, but she would have an online store up and running in February. I must have checked every day until it was available! I love her stuff!
Fortunately I had held off on buying anything just yet and I'm glad I did because on Saturday I got 20% off this beauty, pictured above!
Since I'm already having flowers made for my hair on the big day, I plan to build my whole Rehearsal Dinner outfit around this piece! The chartreuse green is the exact color we are using in our decor!
Loves it!
Hope you do too!

Weekend Update

What a fantastic weekend we just had!!!
We arrived in Summerville, Saturday evening around 8:30! After checking into our hotel we headed out to look for an Italian restaurant so we could load up on carbs before our 10K run the next morning. No Italian restaurant, but there was just about anything else you could want.
We settled on Sticky Fingers and stuffed our faces full of wings, fries, bbq sandwiches and for me baked beans! Probably not the smartest move before running a race, right?
We didn't go to bed until midnight, also probably not a very smart move.
HOWEVER, we killed the race! Both of us beat our best personal times! And YES, it finally happened, Mr. P beat me! ;) He came in with an incredible time of 54 minutes, 57 minutes for me!
After the race we were giddy and loved praising one another on the trip back to hotel #1.
After showering up, we were now on our way to Magnolia Plantation! As we approached I had this incredibly nervous feeling in my stomach! I was so afraid I wouldn't love it as much as I hoped I would! Boy was I wrong! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! As we drove in I had tears in my eyes! There are no words or even pictures I can show you that do it justice!
In fact I was horrible about taking pictures because I was taking notes (I'm a dork) and trying to take it all in!
Fortunately for me a really nice man named Richard, who worked in their office, put photos on a disk for us. I'll be posting some of those later today.
After falling in love with our venue we grabbed lunch and headed to hotel #2, Aloft! This hotel is a division of the W Hotel and it's so very cool!!! The lobby is more like a lounge, complete with a bar, lots of couches, and a pool table! Our room (pictured above) was very modern and hip.
We loved it and their prices are great! Apparently these hotels are opening up all over so check it out!
After a quick fresh up we headed to the Hernandez's home where his parents were staying! This home was GORGEOUS! Wish I had some pictures! They even had a tree house, with electricty and air conditioning, in a giant oak tree, unreal!
We were supposed to have a meeting with the event planner of McCrady's, our rehearsal dinner spot, at 6pm. We were having such a great time chit chatting we didn't want to leave for our meeting. Fortunately we found out that the event planner, Christy, actually was a friend of the Hernandez's so we just invited her over! Small world, huh?
Finally we headed to our pushed back dinner reservations at 7:45 so we could check out the food McCrady's has to offer!
We had an amazing dinner that lasted until 10:15!
What a long day!
The 'rents headed home and Mr. P and I headed to Southend Brewery to treat ourselves to a drink or two! ;)
It truly was the perfect day!

Sorry for such a long post! Kudos to you if you actually read this whole thing!
***Photos #1 & #2 taken at McCrady's!***
P.S.- Mother Nature and I are speaking again! NO RAIN at all on Saturday!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Mother Nature & I are not on speaking terms!

Months ago when Mr. P called me up at work to ask if I wanted to run the Flowertown Festival 10 k in SUMMERville (sounded like my kinda place), my answer was YOU BET!
I envisioned myself running through this historic little town on a nice spring day, surrounded by azaleas and tulips!
HA! Forecast for tomorrow at 8AM: 45 degrees and RAINY! Oh joy!
The fiancee and I have really had a string of bad luck lately! Honestly, every trip we've taken to Charleston (including the engagement) has either been rainy, cold or in the 60's in JANUARY (when we were hoping to be dressed in our nice winter coats for our engagement photos!).
Well we are trying to look on the bright side (pun intended), it should definitely be nice for our wedding in October, right? RIGHT? ;)

Okay, in all seriousness these trips are always wonderful and filled with memories I'll never forget!
I CANNOT wait to see Magnolia Plantation tomorrow, umbrella in tow!

Looking forward to filling you guys in on Monday morning!
For now I'm headed to target to purchase rain boots & a jacket I can comfortably run in!
Happy weekend folks!

P.S.- I Pod loaded with new songs will hopefully get me through this race!!! Who wouldn't be able to run 6 miles while listening to Paperboy's 'The Ditty', it's my jam!

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Baby Gracie...

Every once in a while I come across a blog (non wedding related) that I feel is worth sharing.
This afternoon I've been captivated by the story of sweet little baby Gracie, a beautiful little girl who just passed a way from a congenital heart defect.
I've been told that I torture myself by reading about such sadness and although it is heartbreaking to read this blog, it's even more heartwarming! Gracie changed so many lives and was so loved by such an amazing family. It's incredibly touching to read about a family full of so much love!
As Gracie's father put it, "Heaven just got better."

Finishing touches...

Yesterday I ordered the last piece of our Save the Dates, the custom stamps! :D
They weren't necessary, I know, but since I got such a GREAT deal on the save the dates themselves ($72) I felt a little splurge was warranted.
We hired a calligrapher through none other than Etsy, also for a really great price, and I thought the little lovelies we ordered would compliment them nicely.
*Pictured is the runner-up stamp! Designed by yours truly! ;)

All pieces should have arrived by the middle of next week which means Save the Dates should finally be in the mail by next weekend! YAY!!!!!!! This is going to be a very, very exciting day, considering I wanted to have them mailed back in early January.
Stay tuned for pics of the finished product as well as pics of the original Save the Date, pre venue cancellation!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Really, I LOVE ETSY!

Yesterday afternoon I was reading one of my favorite blogs, WeddingBee and one of my favorite "bees" Miss Perfume, posted about her gorgeous invites! Read her post here!
She used Etsy and their wonderful Alchemy service to find someone to create her invites.
You may be feeling somewhat confused after reading those first few sentences, but here's what you really need to know...
If you are looking for a particular item, wedding related or not, you can use this service to obtain bids on what it is your looking for!
For instance, you desperately need a blue necklace, with a vintage look, to complete an outfit your wearing for your birthday party.
Well head over to the Alchemy section of Etsy and fill out the form with a description of what your looking for and the price range your looking to stay in.
Different Etsy shops will send you bids and their description of what they can make for you.
It's genius! I just submitted my first request this morning and I'm so anxious for feedback!
Hope this wasn't confusing!
Let me know if you have any questions and I promise to give you an update of my experience with this service in a few days.

***Pictured is Miss Perfume's gorgeous invite!***


100 Layer Cake is a new blog I recently found out about via Once Wed and I'm already hooked!
They do these gorgeous inspiration boards that easily give you the chilly willies!
I found this one and fell head over heels!!!! I LOVE the colors!!! Mr. P wasn't too crazy about the peach so I happily obliged to omit the color. This was definitely sent to our planners as inspiration!
I love it so much that it's bookmarked on my computer and I've looked at it almost every day since finding it! :)

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let's talk about food baby,

Let's talk about mac n' cheese (that was my lame attempt at rhyming to that old Salt n' Pepa ditty)!
So one of the only vendor decisions we haven't made is the caterer! This is not due to lack of research, trust me!
In fact I've been in contact with almost every caterer in Charleston.
It's tough to even narrow them down because everyone suggests someone different and everyone comes highly recommended (Charleston is known for extraordinary food!).
The food is VERY important to me! Mr. P goes to a wedding and barely eats except for a few bites he steals off of my plate. I, on the other hand, can't wait to see what's on the menu.
With the exception of a few weddings the only thing I ever remember eating are cocktail shrimp.
Not that this is bad, but I really want a nice variety, something different for our wedding! Presentation is also almost as important, in my opinion, as the taste!
We know for a fact we aren't having a sit down dinner, it would cut into our boogie woogie time!
Also it often pairs unsuspecting guests with one another and we want none of that.
We've decided on a heavy hors d' oeuvres reception, with NONE of that beef slicing you so often see. Hope I'm not offending anyone, it's just my personal preference.
We've narrowed the list down to three...
#1- JBC Catering with chef James Burns who has been on the Food Network (my current tv obsession) a few times!
We've received excellent service from them so far and we've already met one the employees, who we both really liked.
Downside, after having them tweak the menu a couple of times it's still not my favorite.

#2- Cru Catering with chef John Zucker. This company has been voted Charleston's #1 caterer the past 8 years!!!! Impressive, huh?
However, the service has not impressed me so far! It took almost two months to even get a sample menu from them. On the flipside, this sample menu did rock! We both loved everything they suggested for us! It was a great representation of where we are both from, which is exactly what I requested.

#3- Carolina Catering with chef Jeremiah Bacon, with a name like that you know this man must be good! He's received rave reviews from The Post & Courier, The Charleston City Paper and CBS News. They are the preferred caterer of our venue and if we don't go with them we have to pay a $500 fee.
They are still working on my sample menu, but I had to choose options from a list they provided. Even though we haven't seen the menu, we have a feeling they'll be the least favorite because they didn't have as much variety.

***Pictures are in the same order as they are listed above. As you can see, everyone's presentation is on point!***

What do you all think????

Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update

This was the kind of weekend it was, a roll the window down and let your head hang out kinda weekend! The weather was gorgeous, but unfortunately I think Mother Nature was just being a tease since the temps are supposed to dip back down this coming weekend.
Until then I'm going to enjoy it!
I love the sunshine!!!
No real news worthy wedding updates to report except for maybe the fact that we now have the 'save the date guest list' complete with everyone's addresses with the exception of 5 people. To me this is huge because it's been my least favorite wedding task by far!!!!! UGH!

This coming weekend Mr. P and I are heading to Charleston to participate in a 10K run.
His parents will be meeting up with us Saturday morning and we're all heading to Magnolia to get our first glimpse of the ceremony & reception site! :D
Later that evening we are meeting with Christy of McCrady's to discuss plans for the Rehearsal Dinner and afterwards we'll be having what I'm sure will be a fabulous dinner there so we can taste some of the food options. Can't WAIT!

For now I'm heading out on my lunch break to enjoy Miss Sunshine and her rays!

Friday, March 6, 2009

I told ya' so!

When I said that I change my mind a lot I wasn't lying... I can go from loving something simple, elegant and chic to something over the top and funky in one breath! It's a trait I'm not fond of, but fortunately I usually come to a decision and it's one that I love!
This has been the case with our Save the Dates.
Back in November of last year we decided on a design and we received them in the mail towards the end of December. I LOVED them! WE loved them! We would have sent them out immediately but were waiting to finish up a little side project to go along with them.
In hindsight I'm thankful Mr. P kept procrastinating on said project.
It was February when we found out our venue was closing and thankfully the Save the Dates had still not gone out.
Today we finally decided on the design for round II and I think it's safe to say that we're going to love them even more than the first set!
I can't wait to post pictures, but until we actually get them sent out I'll just leave you with this teaser pic.
*A few weeks ago I blogged about my fabulous experience at Michael's! While I was there I picked up this Martha Stewart Baker's Twine (wasn't even sure what it was). Mr. P saw it when we got home and said to me, "this is cute, what are you going to do with it?" To which I responded, "I don't know, I just thought it was cute and I'll figure out some way to use it." Well I have and it's perfect and I can't wait for you to see!

Thursday, March 5, 2009

To top it all off...

Speaking of cupcakes, how adorable are these cupcake flags created by Miss Pickles Press for her wedding?!
I've already contacted her about possibly making us some of our very own (if I do in fact win Mr.P over with the idea of cupcakes).
Fingers crossed!

You spin me right round...

I LOVE cupcakes!!!! I mean who doesn't!? They scream happiness, right before they scream "EAT ME"!
Despite my love for the lil' round beauties I originally thought I wanted a traditional wedding cake.
Well I've spent many a days online searching for a style of cake that is just right and nothing has really won me over! There were a few that caught my eye but Mr. P wasn't too crazy about them which ultimately means I was not too crazy about them either.
All that being said I'm now leaning towards cupcakes! There are so many cute ways you can go with cupcakes! Plus you can choose 2-3 flavors and let guests pick which they prefer!
We would of course still have a small cake for us to cut into and to perch our little birdies on, which just arrived and are ADORABLE btw (minus Mr. P's birdie being the wrong color, a oopsie than can be fixed).
I'm now trying to find fun cupcake images to show P in an effort to win him over!
Let you know the outcome of this decision once I'm victorious! ;)

*All images courtesy of the fabulous Martha Stewart Weddings*

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

A testament...

Please bear with me as I rant, rave and even praise!!!!
Today around lunch time I hopped my happy self over to the 7th Street Deli to pick up a hoagie (Boars Head=Yummy!).
As I was so patiently waiting in line to pay, Mr. AHole (as I'd like to affectionately call him) walks right in, grabs a bag of chips and steps right in front of lil' ol' me!
I should have said something, but instead I stood there with a smile on my face thinking about how lucky I am to be engaged to such a complete gentleman!
Mr. P always opens doors, always lets a lady walk in front of him, always says please and thank you, and it occured to me that in a world full of guys like Mr. Stuff your face full of chips before you even pay, I should never take this for granted.
I'm a LUCKY gal!
Love you P!

My 2 new addictions...

Today work is particularly boring! UGH!!! So boring in fact that I've already checked in and read every one of the am postings on my favorite daily blogs.
Well what's a girl to do when she's bored?
Why add more items to our registries of course! ;) Honestly I'm still not even comfortable with the idea of everyone purchasing us gifts, but that doesn't mean I don't love browsing the kitchen appliances day in and day out!

After adding a fancy coliander (it's a bowl shaped strainer folks!) to the list I visited one of my favorite sites, Well Spun Wedding Films. They have 6 different vintage style videos you can watch. I watch, I cry, I fall in love with love! Cheesy I know, but man aren't weddings wonderful!?
We've (really me, but I knew P would agree with me on this one) decided against hiring a videographer for two reasons: 1. to save money, 2. I wasn't crazy about the "style" of any one who is local.
So we (me again, but hoping P will also agree with this) are going to send in footage (hopefully taken by a loving friend/family member) and have Well Spun edit it in their fantastic vintage style complete with 3 songs guaranteed to make anyone cry, smile, laugh, swoon! This is something I know without a doubt I'll watch (hopefully Mr. P as well from time to time) and it's a lot cheaper and more importantly FANTASTIC than any wedding film I've ever seen.