Friday, April 24, 2009

Spring, I love you today!

I took a walk around uptown today.
Sunshine a plenty!
A mini farmer's market (HELLO green beans, corn & strawberries!)
Street musicians, who were really quite good if you stopped to listen!
And finally, I found the flowers I'd been looking for all week!
Thanks Chels! :)

Now I'm back in the office, BOO!, day dreaming of the place I'll be come 7pm this evening...
at Brixx Pizza, with a great group of friends, enjoying pizza and blue moon! :)

2 other new developments I must share with you:
Fiancee and I are buying a Red Delicious Apple Tree to plant in our back yard! :)
I'm picturing many APPLE CRUMBLE's in our future! Want one?

Also, Mr. P bought me an early birthday present yesterday. It's an acoustic guitar set complete with the "Acoustic Guitar for Dummies" book. :)
The only time I've held a guitar was during the one lesson I took at a church I used to attend.
It didn't go over so well.
I've always wanted to play, but I don't take instruction well from others. I truly lack patience...hence the reason I faked my way through 2 years of playing the sax in band class until I was sent down the hall to Chorus.
Anyhow, I'm pretty excited!!! :D Fiancee bought himself an electric keyboard and we plan to start a band? ;) Any suggestions on a band name?

Oh and love, I promise to use this gift way more than I have the bicycle you bought me 2 birthday's ago that now hangs (in a very cool way) from our garage ceiling! ;)

Hope everyone has happy weekend plans!

*btw, if you like the cool photo effect you MUST check out Picnik! It's so much fun to play around with your photos! My favorite effect right now, the "HDR-ish". :)


  1. you are hilarious! I love it, and your flowers are just full of happiness!

  2. Pepe 'Fast Fingers' MonkApril 24, 2009 at 1:17 PM

    Haven't pulled the trigger on my 'keys' but it's been a comin' for a couple decades now and I am PUMPED!! Let's see, band name... band name... How about... Johny Bravo? Nah. The Brady's would sue. Butthole Surfers? Nah. Been done. The Cheds?! Nope. Taken. Damn it!