Friday, May 29, 2009

Gon' Party Like it's my Birfday...

Cause it is! :)
I'm 27 today.
27 sounds pretty grown up to me.
I like that.

It's so pretty outside today.
After all the rain we've had this week it was so nice to wake up to the sun shining so brightly.
Oh and I'm probably jinxing it, but tomorrow there is 0% chance of precipitation and a high of 83 degrees.
Perfect Birfday weather. Am I right?

P and I made two trips to Target and one to Home Depot last night getting everything we need for tomorrow's 'Game Night Heptathlon'. :)
I'm beyond excited!
Like over the moon excited!
Last night I made two big pitchers of Sangria and birthday cupcakes.
Yum, yum!

Now I'm heading off to have a birthday lunch with Em, one of my very best gals!

Tonight is dinner with the future in-laws and my future niece and nephew (they are ADORABLE!)

5k run in the morning followed by a massage with my Em.

Then some time spent on the lake.

Then sister is coming over so we can get all pretty together.

Then it's par-tay time!

I'm bursting at the seams here!
Really I am.
Happy weekend.

P.S.-Chels I hope you have a wonderful time at your Engagement Party.
You and Teddy will missed. Terribly!

P.P.S-Thank you to anyone who sent me sweet birthday messages.
Especially my mommy.
I have to say...
yours are always the best. :)

P.P.P.S-Thanks to my fiance for being the best planning partner a girl could EVER have! ;)

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Please vote...

up there on the top of my page, for the song you think I should walk down the aisle to.
Keep in mind that we have a classical guitarist who will be playing an instrumental version of whichever song is chosen.

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Bye bye 26.

Tomorrow is my birthday.
I'm very, very excited to be 27 and for all that next year has in store, but today,

today I'm going to do my best to enjoy my last day of what has been one of the best years of my life.


It's the year I moved in with Mr. P.

It's the year of our first annual mother and daughters trip to the Bele Chere Festival in Asheville.
(looking forward to this year)

It's the year Mr. P and I adopted our very first four legged son.

It's the year Mr. P proposed.

It's the year 'Emie Jane's Baby Cakes' was developed.

It's the year I went without a car. Yep, the whole year.

It's the year I discovered my true love for cupcakes.

It's the year I bought a wedding dress.

It's the year I started this blog of mine that I love so very, very much.

When I reflect back on this year of my life it makes me teary eyed but only because I'm so happy with where I am and who I have become.

I feel pretty certain next year will be even better...
It's the year I'll become a Mrs. :)

***and because I hate to have a post with no pictures here is one I snapped of my boys when I got out of the shower this morning.
Every day when I drag my butt out of bed the Tuck monster snuggles right up in my spot.
I love getting out of the shower and peeking out at them.
It's a happy feeling to see my two loves so peaceful.***

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I won! I really won!

I enter online contests on a daily basis.
I really, really do.
Even though I'm often devastated to learn I didn't win, I knew eventually I would.
I was right.

When I got home Monday afternoon I started catching up on some of my favorite blogs as my peach cobbler baked in the oven.
I logged onto the Southern Wedding Blog and low and behold I see my name.
"Emie is the winner of our Beegee Clutch Giveaway."


I won!

And what a great contest to win.
The owner of the company has already e-mailed me and said she'll begin making it this week and have it shipped by next week.
This makes me a very happy little gal.

This pretty little lady will be mine all mine very soon.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Paws 4 People

In just a bit I'm heading home to make cupcake pops for a fundraiser that's taking place at our "son's" camp.
Camp Wagging Tails is hosting a fundraiser tomorrow.
They will be donating all the funds from "campers" stopping in for doggy daycare as well as funds from a bake sale they are having to help Alex afford a rehabilitative assistance dog.

Alex has Mitochondria disease and is completely paralyzed.

I received the flyer for this event in my inbox a few weeks ago.
I was immediately touched by this families story.
They have such a positive outlook and that's always inspiring.
If you watch this video you see that Alex is always smiling, he seems genuinely happy and knowing that a dog will only bring more joy to his life brings tears to my eyes.

If you'd like to donate please click here.

Weekend Update

3 whole days away from you and boy have I been itchin' to get back!
It was a dosey of a long 3 day weekend and I think it will be best to base this recap on photos.
So without further ado here's my Memorial Day Weekend/Jaimie's Bachelorette Party in a nutshell...

On Friday after work Missy, Chelsea and I headed off to Chapin, SC for Jaimie's Bridal Shower.
We stopped at this lovely little Mexican restaurant along the way so that we could have margarita's the size of our head.

We had a lovely time at the Bridal Shower and from there the fun continued at Liberty's Tap Room & Grill in Columbia, SC.

*Jaimie aka Bride to Be is second from right.

After a few tasty beverages we decided it was best to call it a night.
We headed back to our humble abode (that Missy's friends so generously offered up for the night) where we played with Sulley the Cat for quite some time before hitting the hay.

The next morning I was awake at 7:30 filled with excitement because I knew we'd soon be visiting my favorite place, Charleston, SC.

After showering the ladies and I headed to downtown Charleston for lunch at King Street Grille.

*Side-note: The fiance and I have rented out the top floor of this lovely restaurant/sports bar for the little get together we are hosting the Saturday afternoon before our wedding.

After filling our little tummy's with lots of grub we headed to the Charleston Farmer's Market.
This was the biggest Farmer's Market I've ever seen.
I loved it and wished I could have bought one of everything.
From made to order omelets to boo coos of fresh produce, homemade breads to beautiful photography, flowers and herbs of every variety to handmade jewelry, they had it all!

We ended our afternoon downtown with a scrumptious treat from Fresh Cupcakes on King Street.

After a lovely afternoon spent downtown we freshened up at Missy's sister house before meeting up with the rest of the ladies for our wild night on the town.

Around 8PM our transportation arrived for the evening.
We'd rented a van but they were all out and sent us a limo instead.
This was great news until we realized it wasn't exactly easy squeezing 14 gals into one limo!
With a few ladies sitting on the floor we managed to make due.

Our first stop of the evening was at Market Street Pavilion's Rooftop bar.
I love this place because it has a lovely few of my favorite city!
From our table I was able to see the beautiful Cooper River Bridge as well as the place where my Mr. P proposed. :)

After a few cocktails, lots of appetizers and one little rain shower we were off and on our way for a night of dancing.
Wish I had pictures of this portion of the evening.
But I don't.
I was busy dancing.
Maybe even on top of the bar.

We had ourselves tucked safely in bed by 2am anxious for a day of sun on the beach.
However, Mother Nature had other plans in store for us.

It rained most of the afternoon.

What's a big group of girls supposed to do at a big beach house when it's raining?
If you answered, spend hours on the front porch playing flip cup, you were right! ;)

I now present to you, Team Suck...

*Beer has a knack for bringing out the classy in all of us, huh?
and the winners after 15 rounds, Team AWESOME...

That evening we presented the lovely Miss Jaimie with a little 'Naughty or Nice' bridal shower.

Best gift of the evening?
The locked undies and moo moo nightgown Jaimie's parents bought for her...

After Jaimie opened her gifts we headed out for a few hours on the town in Folly Beach.
I loved this little beach town and can't wait to visit again.

Even though it was a little sad for this fun trip to come to an end, I was so ready to be back home with my boys.

I beat Mr. P back from his trip by a few hours so I tidied the house a little and made a peach cobbler to pass the time as I anxiously awaited the love of my life's arrival.
Around 6:30PM all was right in the world...with Mr. P by my side and Tucker curled up in the floor sleeping I drifted off into dreamland around 9:00PM.

Now I'm back in this smelly office for what has been a crazy day so far!
So crazy that it's taken me 6 hours just to finish this post.

Hope you, my dear blog friends, had a lovely Memorial Day weekend as well.

Friday, May 22, 2009

one more thing...


I'm really, really gonna miss you this weekend!
2 nights without you I can bear. 3 is where it starts to get a little rough.

see you soon enough handsome.

"Coffee Shop" music video for Landon Pigg from Kip Kubin on Vimeo.

His and Hers

Today around 4PM I'll be headed to Chapin, SC with my Missy and Chels (both also engaged) for a bridal shower in honor of our friend Jaimie.
*Side Note: Jaimie's getting married in a castle in England soon...

Yeah, I was pretty much speechless when I heard too.

After a brief stay in Columbia, SC for the night we'll be on our way to Folly Beach for her bachelorette party.
I'm pretty excited about this weekend!
For various reasons...

I haven't seen Jaimie in about 2 years (she moved to AZ awhile back)
I love girls weekends, especially when there's reason to celebrate.
Folly Beach is right beside Charleston, my most favorite place eva'!
I get to visit this place again.
I get to wear my new bathing suit.

Fiance is also heading to the beach this week.
He'll be kickin' it at Figure Eight Island with some good friends.

I knew these weekend trips could be even sweeter with cupcakes along for the ride.
So I spent the evening making vanilla cupcakes with vanilla buttercream in his and her varieties.

For the ladies I used my pretty little pink and white zebra striped wrappers and sprinkled them with the sweetest of pink sparkles.

For the boys I used my blue wrappers and sprinkled them with multi-colored frosting.

Here they are all ready to go in their matching cupcake carriers (thank you for my b-day gift Miss Chels!).

They are quite yummy.
How do I know?
If you'll notice in above picture I might have had one already. ;)

Crack is whack!

I snapped this lovely photo at a Brad Paisley concert last year.
I couldn't help myself.
I was amused.
There are just certain people in the world who are either completely oblivious to the fact that their dereare is showing or maybe they simply don't care.
*Yes, I know at times my crack may have played peek-a-boo.
The difference?
I'd never sit for 2 hours at a concert without checking to make sure my junk was safely in it's trunk!*

Right now Speed Street is taking place in Charlotte.
Speed Street is a 3 day long festival that leads up to the big race on Sunday and it takes place along the streets of Uptown Charlotte.
Free festival + booze + race car fans = Speed Street
I expect there to be many a cracks showing.
So glad that I leave town today.
Yeehaw my friends!

Thursday, May 21, 2009

BOOM, Shake, Shake, Shake the Room!

This morning on my daily bus ride to work I was listening to my I-Pod and secretly wishing I could jump into the aisle and break it down!
There are just certain songs that make you want to boogie woogie.
How much fun would it be if we all just danced everywhere we went?
Up and down the sidewalks on the way to work...that'd be pretty darn cool!

This lil' gal just loves to dance! Put a few drinks in me (sometimes it's necessary to loosen up) and I truly believe I should be auditioning for 'So You Think You Can Dance'.

One of the first times I remember breaking it down for people was at my elementary school talent show.
I think I was in fifth grade.
I danced with two of my friends and we thought we were the hippest thing since Mc Hammer pants.
We decided nothing could beat busting a move to Will Smith's 'Boom Shake The Room'.
Tell me you remember that song!
It was the coolest!

We wore windbreakers and black stretch pants.
I was really tiny and short and my windbreaker practically swallowed me.
Regardless, I was dope!

I'd be remiss not to share my favorite dancing memory from my youth...shaking my booty along side my mother to Juvenile's 'Back that thang up' in the mornings while getting ready for school (this really annoyed my sister!).

What does this post have to do with anything?
Not much.
But if you're ever having a bad day I suggest turning on some old school rap and shaking what your mama gave ya'!
You'll feel better. Guaranteed!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

One of my most favorite things in the whole wide world is to arrive home from work, pull into our neighborhood, drive by our house, and see a package (sometimes 2 or 3) sitting on the front porch.
Most of the time we know what's inside, but regardless, it's a happy feeling.

Yesterday I had a tiny little box waiting on me.

I opened it to find this pretty little bag...

(I love when stuff isn't just thrown in a box, but rather placed inside it's own little packaging. Makes it so much more fun!)

Inside were these lovelies...

Oh and while I'm here I just have to show you these adorable little individual cupcake holders my dear friend Chelsea got for me as an early birthday gift...

I love them my dear and cannot wait to use one!

I now leave you with a picture of my pretty pretty peonies (how you like that alliteration?)...

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

my happy place

sister and I went to the farmer's market today.
when we finally left my arms had red marks up and down them from lugging around so many bags.
I wanted everything.
That's not an exaggeration.
Not at all.

I left with green beans, summer squash, zucchini, corn on the cob, cucumbers, peaches, plums!
Both fiance and I are out of town this weekend so we have a lot of eating to do my love.

After selecting all my produce I walked over to the fresh flower stand where a bunch of peonies screamed my name!
'Emily! You must purchase us! We are beautiful, pink, full, round blooms!'
I CANNOT wait to get home and place these pretties in a little vase that will adorn my night stand.
I've coveted these lovelies for quite some time.
They now rest in our walk in cooler at work and I keep going to peek on them just to make sure they are okay.
That's how much I love them.

I must also mention that there was a homemade baked goods stands.
I wanted to avoid it.
I really, really did!
Then I saw sister at the stand talking to the smiling gal' behind the counter and I gave into temptation.
The smell of cinnamon and freshly baked bread permeated the air.
I was done for!
I showed some restraint and bought a teeny tiny loaf of sourdough bread.
It's my favorite.

Sister sent me a text once I was back in the office and said it was "the bomb"!
I immediately went to unwrap my loaf, sliced off a small slice and smothered it in the homemade jam that had caught my eye during check out.
well worth it indeed my sister!
even if it means I shall forgo dinner tonight. ;)

it's really going to happen

Finding out yesterday that I may no longer be working on Monday's was the kick in the rear end I needed.
It has motivated me.
It got the ball rolling.
and in a few weeks 'Emie Jane's Baby Cakes' will be up and running.
I placed an Etsy Alchemy request this afternoon for someone to design a logo for me and the offers have been coming in nonstop.
It's crazy.
Some lovely individuals have already even drawn mockups for me.
Crazy how talented people are.

Pixel Perfect Designs sent over this one...

Cute, huh?
(I originally was going with Maggie Jane's, but have since decided to go with Emie Jane's)

I haven't quite decided which direction I want to go...cute, whimsical, vintage?
But regardless I'm going to keep it a surprise.

Once the logo is done I'll be ordering custom labels, tags, business cards, etc.
To tell you that I'm excited would be a huge understatement.

I truly love to bake.
To actually make some extra money doing something I love will just be the icing on the cupcake! ;)
If I didn't think fiance and I would become obese I'd bake every single day just for the heck of it.
It makes me happy.
It's therapeutic.
It's a wonderful way to be creative.

I promise to share with you more details as this fun and exciting endeavor progresses.

***Thanks to my wonderful mommy, Jane, for coming up with the name 'Baby Cakes'.
It's Perfect!

***And thanks to my fiance for being so supportive.
Sometimes it takes you believing in me before I start to believe in myself.
You're a pretty freakin' special guy!

Love you all!

Monday, May 18, 2009

The Good, The Bad & The Monday

My manager informed me today that there is a very good chance I will no longer be working Monday's.
This would be great news, however this three day weekend = pay cut and that BLOWS!

So for the last two hours I've been sitting at my desk trying to decide how I really feel about this.

The Good:

I currently hate Monday's. Like despise them. BUT not spending Monday's at work may help me to fall in love and reconnect with this despicable day.

I can have lunch dates with my very handsome fiance!
(we never get to have lunch dates now because we work about 30 minutes from one another)

My sister is off on Monday's and she's one of my very favorite people in the whole wide world to hang out with.
We could go to the pool, the farmer's market, take our doggies to the dog park.
The possibilities are endless.

I'd have an extra day to work on wedding projects.

I'd have time to work on getting my cupcake business up and running.
(more on this later)

The Bad:

The Money!
The Money!
The Money!

This reason deserves to be written down at least 3 times!
It's a big one!
I like money!
I like to buy things and go places and it's not like I have an excess of it right now.
I'll just have to find ways to cut back.
Which probably means Target and Old Navy will be seeing less of me.
(see, I'm aleady cheap)

This could be interesting.

Weekend Update

Monday comes so fast!
Doesn't it?
Saturday was one of those perfect days that happen every so often.
The kinda day you don't want to be over.
The kind of day that happens when you are surrounded by really great friends.

P and I woke around 8 Saturday morning, snuggled the dog (he LOVES love in the morning), put on our workout attire and headed to the Barzees house.
We all hit up Bob Evans for a scrumptious breakfast and from there the boys went to battle it out on the racquet ball courts (my P won this time!) and Em and I went on a run/walk around her adorable neighborhood.
What a perfect way to start the day, huh?
We even discovered a lovely spa & tea bar called Urbana on our run/walk that we'll hopefully be visiting for massages in a couple weeks. :)

After quick showers Em and I headed uptown to meet up with the lovely Chelsea.
We went to Dar-Lynns to see Chelsea in what I'm pretty certain is 'THE ONE'. She looks so pretty in every dress.
When you are tall, skinny and beautiful that's what happens.

We then had big yummy burritos. So yummy that I craved them all day yesterday.

From there it was shopping at Bed, Bath & Beyond where we purchased 64 wine glasses for our friend Jaimie's bridal shower this Saturday.
Does 64 sound crazy to you?
We think it's quite funny.

Then Michael's where I purchased lots of baking goods, my current addiction.
And finally World Market where I had the best tasting cracker I've ever had in my life.
Who knew sesame seeds were so delicious on a cracker?

Once we were back at Chelsea's we changed up and the always lovely Leigh, Elizabeth and Aimee joined us for vodka pasta with turkey meatballs (so good Chels) and lots of beverages.
*Note to self-Redbull and Champagne not a good idea before 10pm!*
After an hour or so on the town Emily, Leigh and I headed back to H-Ville (our neck of the woods) where we met up with our men.
such a fun, fun day/night.

So much fun usually comes with a big price tag and this time it was the headache I suffered yesterday afternoon.
P and I slept in, ate Red Baron pizza, watched tv on the couch, watched tv in bed, ate strawberry cupcakes, watched more tv on the couch, ate baked fish and lima beans (yuck!) and then finally headed to bed for what turned out to be the best nights sleep I've had in over a week.
Then Monday had to show up. Man do I dislike Monday.

***I have no photos from our Saturday adventures because I'm better at remembering to take pictures of things instead of people (weird, huh?).
Hope my flowers make you happy! They put a smile on my face.

pink arrow=picture Pepe found of me while cleaning the office the other day. It's from my birthday circa 2005. It was the kinda day where taking a picture of yourself with your tongue out and a mouth full of food seemed like a great idea. Know what I mean?
P thinks it's funny.
I'm happy to be able to amuse him every time he goes to the fridge!

orange arrow=
our survivor fantasy teams
Last night my player, JT, won.
I'm pretty certain this will be my only win since Adam has American Idol in the bag.

Happy Monday!

Friday, May 15, 2009

ahhhh, the weekend...

in approximately an hour P will be picking me up from work. :D
We'll be hitting up wally world (I have a love/hate relationship w/this place!) for some odds and ends and then home to yummy bbq chicken that's been cooking in the crock pot all day.
Crock pots are great! They are almost comparable to having your own personal chef but in the form of a big glass pot.

Anyways, I get to spend all day tomorrow with 3 of my very favorite gals in the whole wide world.
Our plans include:
Going with the lovely Chel Belle to watch her try on beautiful bridal gowns.

To Bed Bath & Beyond to pick up a bridal shower gift for Miss Jaimie Sherratt.

To Michael's because it rocks. Really, if you haven't been, go one afternoon.
You won't regret it!
I think it brings out the crafty side of everyone.

Eating yummy vodka pasta courtesy of Chels.

Devouring cupcakes that I plan to make this evening (YES, I'm going off my diet for a day and have no qualms about it!).

and from there? well we just aren't sure.
The world is our oyster though!
We may get and wild and crazy and go dancing
OR we may just stay home in our pjs watching chick flicks.
Either way a good time is GUAR-AN-TEED!

Hope your weekends will be spent with loved ones!

weekend company:

*Hope you ladies still love me even after I doodled on you.
Especially you Em! I saw a bird graphic and just couldn't help myself.*
LOVE YOU ALL! Really, I do!


incredibly unique wedding ceremony seating!
via design*sponge

The Lowdown

First and foremost I must announce that fiance booked our honeymoon last night!
Originally I reserved our room for the trip, but with the current Swine Flu outbreak in Mexico P had a feeling we could get a better deal!
Boy was he right!
We estimate that we saved about $1000 booking through Cheap Caribbean.
In approximately 5 months we'll be enjoying 7 nights, all-inclusive in our swim up suite at the Excellence Playa Mujeres.
I think stoked is the right word to describe my feelings about this trip!
Thank you, thank you, thank you my love!
I'm really looking forward to laying by the pool with my new husband.

, I must toot away on my own horn and announce that I've lost 5 lbs! When I weighed myself at the gym last night the number the scale read was lower than I've seen in over a year!
Very exciting!
I haven't even worked out much because I was sick last week!
This, my friends, is the result of eating fewer carbs! Something I really needed to improve on because this gal ate way too many chips, bread and pasta, no bueno!

, I must congratulate my fiance for winning yet another $75 prize last night!
You folks watch Hells Kitchen? If not, you should! It's pretty entertaining!
I have to admit that I thought I had this one in the bag! Thought Paula had it won.
P will soon be the proud owner of an electric keyboard.
YES, I'm very excited for him.
BUT, I'm also pretty sad for me.
I really wanted these Kate Spade Sunglasses! SOURCE

Thursday, May 14, 2009

she rocks!

My mama san just sent me a few pictures that I adore!

This one is of a pretty rhododendron from her garden in a lovely 'Ball' jar.

She found these pretty little wild flowers near the lake where she walks her dogs.

And this little guy is one of the first strawberries to grow.
When I go home in a few weeks I get to bring some back with me! :D
HELLO fresh strawberry cupcakes!

what happens when I'm beyond bored at work?

I discover fun new online shops!
Like Bake it Pretty!
With a name like that what's not to love?

I kinda want everything on their site, but since I've already purchased a lovely vintage polaroid camera today I thought it best to limit myself.

I purchased edible glitter (how fun?)
and a few lovely cupcake liners. :)

Possibly my coolest purchase to date!

Inspired by the lovely naomi of rockstar diaries I just purchased my very own Polaroid Camera. :)

Hopefully there are plenty of pretty photos in my future.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Set your DVR'S!

Karyn, our photographer, informed me today that the show 'Get Married' on Lifetime TV will be airing an episode tomorrow on southern weddings.
They'll be featuring some of Karyn's photos and the scoop on the traditions, food and wine, hospitality, and locations that make the south one of the most popular wedding destinations.
Tune in at 7:30 am tomorrow morning! If you miss it the episode will be streaming online for the next week or so.



I'm feeling pretty freakin' happy!
What's putting such a big smile on my face you ask?

The Zac Brown Band
They are amazing and I can't stop listening to their music!
Right now I have the office door locked and I'm listening to 'Free' over and over and swaying in my desk chair.
Try it!

Get a playlist! Standalone player Get Ringtones

Sister is coming back home today!
She's bringing a few goodies from my mama san...fresh herbs from her garden and an antique blue mason jar that I plan to fill with fresh flowers and sit on my desk!
I'll take a picture of the "vase" in all it's prettiness as soon as I have it!

Carly and I decided today we'd take a little trip back home in 3 weeks! I'm already so excited!
A trip home always makes me feel so happy, loved and refreshed!
Know what I mean?

Karyn, our amazing photographer, really likes my idea of a photo of fiance and I sitting in a tree.
She's even offered to drive out into "the country" to look for the perfect lone tree!
I adore her!

My 27th birthday day is in 2 weeks and fiance and I have planned such a fun party!
It's a game heptathlon (7 games/events)! It's going to be pretty awesome!
More details later!

Saturday is girls night! :)
I treasure time spent with my favorite ladies!
Can't wait!

Hope you all have plenty of reasons to be smiling today!
Love you!