Tuesday, April 14, 2009

My Chel Belle

A few weeks ago on one of my 'Weekend Updates' I wrote about a get together at the Cheds' house!
Ched=Chelsea & Ted
They are also engaged.
Check out Chelsea's blog, The Sweet Life, here!

Moving on...
That evening Chelsea asked a group of us to be part of her bridal party in the sweetest, most heartfelt way.
I'm pretty certain that at some point everyone shed a tear or two!

Chelsea presented us with these adorable gift bags!
She wrote a different, personal note to each of us that ended with her asking us to be a part of the big day.
*again, we all of course said YES!

She also MADE each girl a set of coasters!
*there is a tutorial on Chelsea's blog!
Pictured is my set with two adorable love birds. If you know me you know I'm fascinated with love birds!

I use these coasters nightly.
I honestly hope they last forever! They are the loveliest reminder of such a wonderful evening and an even better friend!
Love you Chels!


  1. You make me smile :) Thank you for being such a wonderful, giving and loyal friend!

    P.s. You'll have to let me know if the aerosol hairspray really seals the coaster - worried about wet drinks and given this is my first time...ya never know! The love birds must run away! (Get it?)

    Happy Tuesday!

  2. Hahaha! I get it! :P
    I think they're there to stay though! I usually fall asleep on the couch at night with my drink still sitting on it...so far so good!

  3. Nah... the truth is the ink DOES run but I just free hand it back on every night while she's dozing. I'm getting REALLY good at it by now. ; )