Tuesday, April 28, 2009

So glad you could make it!

Wanna know one of the things I look forward to most at a wedding?
The 'Welcome Bags'! Horrible, I know, but something about them just gets me so excited!

I'll be honest, the only thing we've probably ever used was the Advil packets on Sunday morning, but still it's exciting to know there's chocolate and peanut butter crackers for you to devour if your heart so desires.

I can't wait to put together ours! I already have a good idea of the contents, but what will hold said contents is a different story.

On my work computer I have an inspiration folder saved for anything wedding related!
In my 'welcome bag' folder are these two photos:
This one was designed by Erica of Thoughtful Day for her own wedding...
I love the idea of just using a natural colored canvas tote bag and having a cute image screen printed on it.
However this could end up being somewhat expensive!
The cheapest price I've found so far is 50 for $200 from Rush Import.
Does that sound like too much? Not really sure what I should spend on these.

The second picture if of Mrs. Lovebug's wedding baskets found via Weddingbee.
I adore this look but am also having a hard time finding a good deal on wicker baskets.
Any ideas where to look?
I think I'll try and check out Michael's later this week.
So far the cheapest I've seen online is $4 which also comes to $200 for 50.
Ay yi yi!

Stay tuned for more on this later in the week....

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  1. I think finding the right bag/basket is the hardest part. At least, trying to cute something adorable that's inexpensive. I don't doubt your skills though. You'll find the perfect little something!

    I like the canvas bag - has that earthy feel to it. Might be easier to transport, too.

    If I can help - let me know!