Monday, April 13, 2009


and After! :)
As I mentioned in my previous post, I planted flowers yesterday.
It was such a fun time!
Made me a bit nostalgic actually...

When my sister and I were younger we'd go with my mother to a small market by the name of Wheatley's. She'd let us help her pick out Petunia's and Impatient's. :) Before we left we'd get a coke in one of those old school bottles and some candy.
Fond memories.

I have a long way to go before our flowers look as good as my Mama's! She's a pro my friends!
Really, she has a lovely garden every year complete with lots of bird's nests and birdies!
It's a happy place! One I hope to visit very soon!


  1. Very beautiful! You and I can learn together. I love to garden (actually, more like pick out the flowers from Home Depot) but I can never, ever get them to lastlike my moms. She was the same way - her backyard is like the secret garden! One of these days we'll get there!! Until then, you're cute as a button so I'd say you're doing okay ;)

  2. You make me smile my Chel Belle! :)
    I agree, picking them out is the funnest part!
    All the old ladies in our neighborhood stopped by and told me how good it looked (I'm sure they were tired of looking at our patch of DIRT) and now I'm so nervous I won't be able to keep them alive.
    My fingers are crossed!

  3. Say... that's a darn good lookin' gnome, ya got there. ; )