Tuesday, April 21, 2009

I'm the proud owner....

Of 1000 wooden stir sticks and I'm beyond ecstatic about it!
One of the DIY projects I decided I wanted to do was custom drink stirrers.
Guest may not even pay them any attention, but I will and they'll make me happy! :)

I purchased these sticks from an online site called the Biodegradable Store for only $4.95. Not bad, eh?

The second picture is my inspiration. How cute is that?
The little flag on the toothpick is actually made of decorative masking tape found here and pictured in photo 3.
I adore the masking tape but it's currently not available and I've put this project off for long enough.

SO I went on one of my favorite fabric sites, the Fat Quarter Shop, and purchased a bunch of fabric, pictured in photo 4, that I'll turn into stickers using my nifty xyron machine.
I'll probably trim the ends using decorative scissors.

Stay tuned for updates my darlings.
Hope everyone is enjoying some sunshine.


  1. I can't wait to see the final product! And...good lord sister. 1000 stir sticks is A LOT - if you need help I'm only a drive away! Have fun with it - such a great idea ;)

  2. Hehe! :) It was the smallest amount I could find! I probably won't make that many, but I still plan on working on these during our craft/wine night!