Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Gray is my favorite color. (Bonus points: what song is that lyric from?)

Way back when, or in simpler terms about 6 months ago, Mr. P decided he was going to wear a gray suit on our big day.
I love him for this decision (among other reasons).

I think Tec definitely helped to influence this.

I mean how amazing does this wedding party look?!

Since Mr. P's decision I've seen gray suits popping up in weddings all over the blog world.

Some of my favorites:

*all courtesy of Once Wed.

We found a heck of a deal on the perfect "modern fit" gray suit last week.
Mr. P ordered 12!
8 groomsmen, 2 ushers, 1 groom and 1 brother (mine).
They arrive tomorrow.
Can't wait to see my handsome fiance in his duds.


  1. Mr. Jones-Counting Crows

    Love the gray suits.

  2. it's mr. jones counting crows!!!

    DANG IT!!! i just scrolled up, and someone got here before me.

    they were my first concert. i saw them with the wallflowers. haha! it was great.

    okay, now i'm going to actually READ this post.

  3. oh my gosh! i LOVE the grey. it looks amazing! grey is one of my favorite colors. i prefer wearing it over black. i'm kinda pale so black can be a little harsh on me sometimes.

    your wedding is going to be divine. i can't wait!!

    (p.s. sooooo excited for my baby cakes! eeeeep!)

  4. Where did you find a good deal on suits? I spent last week looking and ended up frustrated.


  5. So glad that everyone likes the suits.
    I really didn't think anyone would get that lyric right away...I'm impressed.
    Oh and Jasmine, really jealous that you've seen them in concert. ;)

    Anonymous, believe it or not we found them at KOHL's online. We haven't received them in the mail yet, but they look really nice and we got them for a great price!

  6. that last photo is amazing. i also love grey suits!