Friday, June 12, 2009

today, tonight and tomorrow

I'm bummed that I already finished my one diet coke can I have during the work day.

But HAPPY I get to have lunch with my aunt Tammy.
She's awesome and I don't get to see her near enough (even though she lives about 30 minutes from me).


I'm bummed that our son won't be sleeping with us (he's at overnight doggy camp).

I'm happy that I get to go see The Hangover with Mr. P and The Barzees.


I'm bummed that I'm not as well prepared for The Macfest 10k we are running.

I'm VERY happy that after it's over we get to spend the whole day and night in Chapel Hill, NC with the Cheds and the Barzees.

I'd say the good definitely outweighs the bad, huh?
Hope everyone has happy weekend plans.
See you on the flip.

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