Friday, June 5, 2009

This lovely lady...

is Chelsea.
You probably know her by now.

I met this lovely lady on February 6th of 2005 in the basement of Dilworth Neighborhood Grille where everyone had gathered to watch the Superbowl.
I was still somewhat new in town and a shy 23 year old.
I remember wanting to be friends with the pretty lady who was sitting at one of the back tables.

Today I'm pleased to report that she's even prettier than she was then, she's not only a friend but one of my best friends, and today is her BIRTHDAY!

Happy Birthday
my darling.
I love you and am so happy I met you over 4 years ago.
Have a wonderful day.
I mean it!


  1. You are just too precious. Thanks, pretty lady. I heart you.
    How did you know it was Feb 6th!? Oh, maybe the!

  2. That is so funny, Emie. I was there and I remember Pepe introducing you to me. :-)