Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Are you ready?

For my next wedding related poll?

For those of you who haven't seen it or probably don't remember it, here's my wedding dress, the back looks like this.

Did you click on the link?

Okay good. Now I trust you to help me make this decision.

The sash on my dress is removable.
(YES, I realize Mr. P now knows there is a sash on my dress. Am I freaking out? NOPE!)
I adore this sash and I plan to wear it during the ceremony.

During the reception I'd like to switch things up a know, switch up the sash for something a little more fun.

Here's my top contenders:

This lovely piece
by the incredibly talented Myra of Twigs and Honey.
*Stunning, right?

Then there is this pretty little lady designed by
*I love the gray, especially since my fiance is going to be decked out in this lovely color.

Lastly, and probably the most simple, is this beauty designed by 5eizen.
*The bridesmaid dresses are this lovely shade of teal.

Please help me decide.
Should I choose one of these, should I wear the sash the dress comes with, or should I wear no sash at all?

If you'd be so kind as to leave your opinion here or scroll up a bit to the poll at the top right of this page.
Thanks in advance my dear blog readers.


  1. Hi Beautiful! I voted for the third (with the teal sash). I just love the splash of color and simplicity of it. But, I also love the sash that your dress comes with. Those are my favorites!

  2. I like the second and third ones the best. It will look great no matter what you choose!

  3. I vote for #2-love that it complements the suit!

  4. they're all pretty, but definitely DEFINITELY #1 from twigs and honey. it's gorgeous! so pretty and ethereal and wedding-y looking.

    i LOVE your dress, emie. it's so pretty. you're going to look amazing!!

  5. I love your blog....found it through someone elses...although now I cant remember who it was...oh wait it was Jasmine over at AEIP...
    okay...I love the first one and the last one...not sure which i like better....they are both super cute though!

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