Thursday, June 11, 2009

Emie Jane's

I made a batch of baby cakes last night.
I wanted to take photos to send to my friend and bridesmaid, Missy.
I'm going to be making lots of these for her to use at favors at her own wedding (the weekend before mine).

Mr.P, I know you'd beg to differ, but I need a better camera.
Maybe a fancy one with a neck strap.
Take a mental note boy and girls...Christmas is only 6 months away.

Anyhow, after a few more late night baking/photo sessions I should have my Etsy shop up and running.
In the meantime if you'd like to try my baby cakes let me know and I'll send you a batch.
Really, I will.
What's the catch?
There is none.

Yeah, there is...
You have to tell all your friends how yummy and cute they are.
They're a great idea for birthday parties, wedding favors, a get well soon treat, a hey how you doin' treat, or if you'd simply like to pig out on them one weekend.
Let me know.


  1. I would love to try some and review them over on Wedding for Two. Even better, I would love to do some kind of giveaway if you would be interested in working something out once you have your shop up and running. Email me at elliedb at gmail dot com if you're interested.

  2. ummmmmm, I WANNA TRY YOUR BABY CAKES!!! and then rave about how incredibly amazing they were! sorry for all the yelling. i've just been wanting to eat your cupcakes since the first time i laid eyes on them. mmmm.

  3. Take it from me, they are DELICIOUS. : D The down side is that there aren't enough 10K's in the Carolinas to make up for the sheer number of Baby Cakes I'm consuming. Moderation, Pepe. MODERATION! Now... where's that treadmill?...

  4. Looking for treats to put in welcome baskets and would love to try your baby cakes!

    kathyrseay at yahoo dotcom

  5. hi there! a friendly note to say you should check etsy wedding today :)

    (don't want to ruin anything if it would be a surprise!)