Friday, June 12, 2009


I read a lot of blogs, the list is ever growing.
Some are wedding related, some are tails of motherhood, some are food blogs and some are simply life stories written by beautiful females.

I'm inspired on a daily basis...
to go home and try a new recipe, to take on a do it yourself project, to appreciate life good or bad, big or small, to love, to laugh, to care.

Today I was catching up on Conversations With A Cupcake (don't you love that name?) and I found myself reading about Abby and a group of young girls with big hearts.
Such a sweet story that's a reminder of all that's good in this world.

I hope someday I can teach our future daughter and/or son how important it is to care about others, to show compassion and to be empathetic.
I think my mother did a pretty great job with me.
Thank you for that mama san.

Okay, I'm signing off for real this time.
I just felt the need to share that.

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  1. i completely agree. if i teach my children nothing else, i hope to teach them empathy.

    have a lovely little weekend, emie!