Friday, June 26, 2009


When I was 11 years old I saw Michael Jackson perform 'Heal the World' at the Super Bowl.

I was smitten.
Thus began my 2 year obsession.

On one of my trips to the public library I checked out every book they had on Michael's life.
Here's the part where I admit to a crime:
I CUT OUT EVERY PICTURE that these books contained.
I found a big brown scrap book somewhere in our house and made it my mission to fill the book with his photos.

On August 29th (his birthday) of 1993 I had Michael a birthday party in my bedroom.
I hung his photos all around my walls.
I turned on his cd and I climbed up on a wooden toy chest.
I spent the afternoon dancing and singing his songs in celebration.

Do you look at me differently now?
I really hope not.

In the next year or so there was A LOT of negative tabloid stories about my hero.
When my mother would take me grocery shopping I'd turn every magazine over that wrote anything negative about my idol on their covers.

I will only remember Michael for the amazing artist he was.
RIP Michael Joseph Jackson.

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