Monday, June 1, 2009

Birthday Weekend Recap

The first day of my life as a 27 year old was hands down one of the best days I've had.

Woke up and ran a fun 5k.

Ate yummy biscuits, turkey links and eggs at Bob Evan's.

Had the best massage I've had to date.

Got in a little sunshine time at the lake.

Then headed home to set up for what was without a doubt the best birthday party of my adult life.

Get ready for another photo intensive post...

*Do you like my baby cakes that I made in the shape of roses? They turned out to be quite scrumptious!

After everyone had arrived we lit the torch and let the games begin.

First up, a rousing game of Asshole!

After a round of trivial pursuit it was time for a childhood classic, Operation...

*I highly recommend you go out and buy this new version. Fun stuff!

Then we moved on to the most intense game of Jenga I've ever played.

*you know when the tongue is out Michael Jordan style it's serious!

Jenga took so long that we decided to skip the next two events and move onto a crowd favorite, Flip Cup.

I'm not certain we ever decided on who should take the trophy home (it still remains at our house), but Em, Leigh and Carly did have a nice photo shoot with the highly coveted prize.

After a bedtime story...

It was time to tuck the little guy into bed...

I'm not sure where I was during this time...
probably somewhere keeping it classy!

Thank you to my dear friend Em for taking all these pictures.
I love dancing on tables with you!

Also a BIG thank you to everyone who wished me happy birthday and those who came to the party.
You sure made this birthday a very special one for me.

And thank you to my fiance for helping throw this fabulous bash.
Because of you it went off without a hitch.
I love your cleverness! A tractor trophy and a torch!?! You're genius my dear.


  1. Pepe "JENGA!" Diaz-LlanezaJune 1, 2009 at 1:10 PM

    Course, Babe! Except for having to shorten it to a PEN-tathlon due to time restraints it DID go off without a hitch but I can only take HALF the credit because my partner in crime (i.e. YOU) did SO much of the work and that includes the very idea and all the work that went into fleshing it out. Thank YOU, Me Love. : ] Fun for all my friends!

    Oh, and what trophy?? I certainly haven't seen it. ; )

  2. How fun! I especially love the trophy photo session!

  3. it looks like it was such a fun party!!! way to go, emie and mr. p! i'm sure you two are planning a very fun wedding together too. :)

    happy birthday again! i'm glad it was so fantastic!

  4. hilarious!!!! everybody is so intense! Loving the trophy pictures :)