Thursday, June 4, 2009

I have a problem

I'm an incessant bookmarker.
I probably have hundreds of pages bookmarked on my computer at work and the laptop at home.
I see something I like, something I want to buy, something I'd like to make, all usually for the wedding, and I bookmark it.
I wasn't smart enough, actually it's because I'm lazy, to put them all in neat little organized folders like I should have.
Now there is this daunting task of going back through and figuring out what's actually useful or needed.
Ay yi yi!

So much to do, so very little time my friends.
After speaking with Mr. P a few moments ago I realized that there's only 1 weekend between now and October for which we have no plans.
That weekend is July 4th.
I highly doubt I'll be spending any time working on DIY projects when there is lake fun to be had and fireworks to be seen.

So I've decided to be realistic with myself...

I will only be making our programs and our drink stirrers myself.
That's it.
Etsy you will be playing an even bigger role that I originally planned on.

It's kind of sad to think I won't be able to make all the wonderful things I intended.
However I feel a weight has been lifted off my shoulder since saying it out loud (or in this case typing it for you all to read).

I'm also THRILLED with all the weekend trips planned in the coming months.
A few 10k's, my bachelorette party, a couple trips to Charleston, 2 wedding showers, Belle Chere with my mama and sister and then FOOTBALL starts!
We miss football lots.
Especially Mr. P!

Okay I've ended on a positive note.
Thanks for baring with me.


  1. FOOTBALL!!! Woo-hoo! : D

  2. i'm glad you took all that pressure off yourself! it will probably help you to have a better time at your wedding..and a better time planning it!

    i WISH i liked football. levi looooooves it. both college and professional. AND he doesn't have a team so he wants to watch ALL the games. and i hate it. i seriously cannot get into it. i'm gonna keep trying though.