Monday, June 15, 2009

Weekend Update

Well we had another amazing weekend.
This comes as no surprise...
when you are in great company of course your going to have a great time!

Friday after work Mr. P and I headed straight to Birkdale Village for dinner and a movie with the Barzees.
2 things:
1. The Hangover really was as good as everyone said it was.
2. Don't ever eat a Philly steak sub the night before a 10k.

Okay, moving on...

Saturday morning we were all packed up and into one car by 6:45am.

At 9:00am we began the hardest 10k I've done to date.
1 hilly course + 80 degree + 80% humidity + no real shade + no breeze= 1 hour and 10 minute finish time for this little lady.
Looking forward to redeeming myself in 2 weeks at the Freedom Run.

After cooling down as much as possible we headed to Em's old stomping grounds of Elon University.
We got to have lunch at Sidetracks Grill, where Em waited tables at in College.

We stuffed our faces, checked into the hotel and the ladies spent the next 3 hours at the pool.

After a perfect afternoon we showered up and were ready for a night on the town in Chapel Hill.
Our evening began in the hotel bar where we were able to meet up with our great friends Matthew and Chandler for a drink.
*Can't wait to spend a whole weekend with you two next month.*

Then it was time for Teddy's birthday dinner at the Carolina Brewery.
Best black bean quesidillas ever btw.

Then we headed to Top of the Hill, a great rooftop restaurant/bar where Teddy and Chelsea will be having their Rehearsal Dinner.

From there it was off to Goodfellas, a cozy little basement bar.

and then Players so we could shake our bum bums.
We ladies love to dance!
So much so that once we arrived back to the hotel Mrs. Em Barzee got the clock radio dance party going.
Fun stuff my friends. Very fun stuff.

I spent much of yesterday stuffing my face.
Really, I did.
Sausage, egg & cheese biscuit for breakfast, bacon cheddar burger and fries for lunch, chicken burrito for dinner.

The sore tummy and fatigue I suffer from this morning are well worth the fun that was had.
Hope you lovelies had a wonderful weekend as well.


  1. Wow. You had a very eventful weekend! Thats for the comment love on my blog! :)

  2. I want to go back in time for the clock radio dance party. :)