Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Oh me, Oh my

I received some really awesome birthday gifts this year.
I certainly didn't expect anything from anyone...
I think that's what made me love each gift even more than I already would have.

Here's a peek at some of the really cool things I received...

Two books that I absolutely adore and can't wait to finish reading through.
From the Barzee's. You can find your copies here.

I ended up with two of these in two days and I've already used them both.

Thanks Chels. :)
Want one of your own? Find it here.

Missy brought me two bottles of my favorite wine. Not even sure she knew it was my favorite. It is.

The Teague's and Mr. Clatterbaugh both bought me gift certificates to Williams and Sonoma.
Oh you fellars know me so well.
I'm beyond excited to pick out what I want.
Maybe 10 boxes of Sprinkles Cupcake Mix?

I also received a little of this which never hurts...

Thank you mama san and sister.

My favorite gift has to be one that I've been meaning to buy myself for over a year now.
The page has been bookmarked on my computer for months.
Mr. P bought it for me with the initial of my choice, a 'P'.

You want one, don't you?
If so, go here.

I also have to show you my new stunna' shades.

They weren't a birthday gift, but instead the prize I won for winning both the American Idol and Survivor pick'ems.
Thank you my dear.
I adore them!
and their darling pink case.

A BIG THANK YOU to everyone for my gifts and your sweet messages.
I also received some really pretty jewelry, a cupcake notepad and a personalized note set that I adore.
Wish I had pictures.
Much love!


  1. ooooo! you scored! looks like you totally raked it in! haha! my mom just asked me today what i wanted for my birthday, and i don't know yet! eek, i better get on the wishlist.

  2. These are ALL so YOU! how fun! I'm really loving the 'P' necklace - it's so precious. Maybe if Ted ever stops playing Halo he'll get a T around my neck :-) XOXO