Thursday, March 5, 2009

You spin me right round...

I LOVE cupcakes!!!! I mean who doesn't!? They scream happiness, right before they scream "EAT ME"!
Despite my love for the lil' round beauties I originally thought I wanted a traditional wedding cake.
Well I've spent many a days online searching for a style of cake that is just right and nothing has really won me over! There were a few that caught my eye but Mr. P wasn't too crazy about them which ultimately means I was not too crazy about them either.
All that being said I'm now leaning towards cupcakes! There are so many cute ways you can go with cupcakes! Plus you can choose 2-3 flavors and let guests pick which they prefer!
We would of course still have a small cake for us to cut into and to perch our little birdies on, which just arrived and are ADORABLE btw (minus Mr. P's birdie being the wrong color, a oopsie than can be fixed).
I'm now trying to find fun cupcake images to show P in an effort to win him over!
Let you know the outcome of this decision once I'm victorious! ;)

*All images courtesy of the fabulous Martha Stewart Weddings*


  1. We're doing a smaller cake for about 50 people and then doing cupcakes for the rest. My baker did suggest getting a bit more cupcakes if you choose more than one flavor, as some people might take two!

  2. I love this idea! :) I think we may just use your idea! Thanks Abbie!