Monday, March 16, 2009

Weekend Update

What a fantastic weekend we just had!!!
We arrived in Summerville, Saturday evening around 8:30! After checking into our hotel we headed out to look for an Italian restaurant so we could load up on carbs before our 10K run the next morning. No Italian restaurant, but there was just about anything else you could want.
We settled on Sticky Fingers and stuffed our faces full of wings, fries, bbq sandwiches and for me baked beans! Probably not the smartest move before running a race, right?
We didn't go to bed until midnight, also probably not a very smart move.
HOWEVER, we killed the race! Both of us beat our best personal times! And YES, it finally happened, Mr. P beat me! ;) He came in with an incredible time of 54 minutes, 57 minutes for me!
After the race we were giddy and loved praising one another on the trip back to hotel #1.
After showering up, we were now on our way to Magnolia Plantation! As we approached I had this incredibly nervous feeling in my stomach! I was so afraid I wouldn't love it as much as I hoped I would! Boy was I wrong! IT'S BEAUTIFUL!!! As we drove in I had tears in my eyes! There are no words or even pictures I can show you that do it justice!
In fact I was horrible about taking pictures because I was taking notes (I'm a dork) and trying to take it all in!
Fortunately for me a really nice man named Richard, who worked in their office, put photos on a disk for us. I'll be posting some of those later today.
After falling in love with our venue we grabbed lunch and headed to hotel #2, Aloft! This hotel is a division of the W Hotel and it's so very cool!!! The lobby is more like a lounge, complete with a bar, lots of couches, and a pool table! Our room (pictured above) was very modern and hip.
We loved it and their prices are great! Apparently these hotels are opening up all over so check it out!
After a quick fresh up we headed to the Hernandez's home where his parents were staying! This home was GORGEOUS! Wish I had some pictures! They even had a tree house, with electricty and air conditioning, in a giant oak tree, unreal!
We were supposed to have a meeting with the event planner of McCrady's, our rehearsal dinner spot, at 6pm. We were having such a great time chit chatting we didn't want to leave for our meeting. Fortunately we found out that the event planner, Christy, actually was a friend of the Hernandez's so we just invited her over! Small world, huh?
Finally we headed to our pushed back dinner reservations at 7:45 so we could check out the food McCrady's has to offer!
We had an amazing dinner that lasted until 10:15!
What a long day!
The 'rents headed home and Mr. P and I headed to Southend Brewery to treat ourselves to a drink or two! ;)
It truly was the perfect day!

Sorry for such a long post! Kudos to you if you actually read this whole thing!
***Photos #1 & #2 taken at McCrady's!***
P.S.- Mother Nature and I are speaking again! NO RAIN at all on Saturday!

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