Friday, March 13, 2009

Mother Nature & I are not on speaking terms!

Months ago when Mr. P called me up at work to ask if I wanted to run the Flowertown Festival 10 k in SUMMERville (sounded like my kinda place), my answer was YOU BET!
I envisioned myself running through this historic little town on a nice spring day, surrounded by azaleas and tulips!
HA! Forecast for tomorrow at 8AM: 45 degrees and RAINY! Oh joy!
The fiancee and I have really had a string of bad luck lately! Honestly, every trip we've taken to Charleston (including the engagement) has either been rainy, cold or in the 60's in JANUARY (when we were hoping to be dressed in our nice winter coats for our engagement photos!).
Well we are trying to look on the bright side (pun intended), it should definitely be nice for our wedding in October, right? RIGHT? ;)

Okay, in all seriousness these trips are always wonderful and filled with memories I'll never forget!
I CANNOT wait to see Magnolia Plantation tomorrow, umbrella in tow!

Looking forward to filling you guys in on Monday morning!
For now I'm headed to target to purchase rain boots & a jacket I can comfortably run in!
Happy weekend folks!

P.S.- I Pod loaded with new songs will hopefully get me through this race!!! Who wouldn't be able to run 6 miles while listening to Paperboy's 'The Ditty', it's my jam!

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