Friday, March 6, 2009

I told ya' so!

When I said that I change my mind a lot I wasn't lying... I can go from loving something simple, elegant and chic to something over the top and funky in one breath! It's a trait I'm not fond of, but fortunately I usually come to a decision and it's one that I love!
This has been the case with our Save the Dates.
Back in November of last year we decided on a design and we received them in the mail towards the end of December. I LOVED them! WE loved them! We would have sent them out immediately but were waiting to finish up a little side project to go along with them.
In hindsight I'm thankful Mr. P kept procrastinating on said project.
It was February when we found out our venue was closing and thankfully the Save the Dates had still not gone out.
Today we finally decided on the design for round II and I think it's safe to say that we're going to love them even more than the first set!
I can't wait to post pictures, but until we actually get them sent out I'll just leave you with this teaser pic.
*A few weeks ago I blogged about my fabulous experience at Michael's! While I was there I picked up this Martha Stewart Baker's Twine (wasn't even sure what it was). Mr. P saw it when we got home and said to me, "this is cute, what are you going to do with it?" To which I responded, "I don't know, I just thought it was cute and I'll figure out some way to use it." Well I have and it's perfect and I can't wait for you to see!


  1. ah - I love it!!!! And...if you haven't been into Paper Skyscraper in awhile - it's def calling YOUR name. Between cupcake books, and love bird wrapping's totally you.

  2. You know I always forget about that store but everytime I've been in there I LOVE it!!!
    Thanks for the suggestion my love!

  3. I have this twine and was thinking of wrapping the invite pieces with it before mailing them off. It's too cute not to use... and I've had it for ages!

  4. Abbie, I completely agree! :) I'm so happy I've come up with a way to use it!
    I just went to Michael's last week to buy more!