Wednesday, March 4, 2009

My 2 new addictions...

Today work is particularly boring! UGH!!! So boring in fact that I've already checked in and read every one of the am postings on my favorite daily blogs.
Well what's a girl to do when she's bored?
Why add more items to our registries of course! ;) Honestly I'm still not even comfortable with the idea of everyone purchasing us gifts, but that doesn't mean I don't love browsing the kitchen appliances day in and day out!

After adding a fancy coliander (it's a bowl shaped strainer folks!) to the list I visited one of my favorite sites, Well Spun Wedding Films. They have 6 different vintage style videos you can watch. I watch, I cry, I fall in love with love! Cheesy I know, but man aren't weddings wonderful!?
We've (really me, but I knew P would agree with me on this one) decided against hiring a videographer for two reasons: 1. to save money, 2. I wasn't crazy about the "style" of any one who is local.
So we (me again, but hoping P will also agree with this) are going to send in footage (hopefully taken by a loving friend/family member) and have Well Spun edit it in their fantastic vintage style complete with 3 songs guaranteed to make anyone cry, smile, laugh, swoon! This is something I know without a doubt I'll watch (hopefully Mr. P as well from time to time) and it's a lot cheaper and more importantly FANTASTIC than any wedding film I've ever seen.

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