Thursday, March 19, 2009

Hasta la Vista!

I think about my blog the same way I do my outfit for each night I brainstorm different ideas and from those ideas I pick something out the next morning.
Well last night I thought today would be a great day to do a new inspiration board for our new venue.
However, after accidentally washing my hair twice this morning because I was in deep thought about catering, I thought it might be a good day to take a break from wedding planning. I mean chicken and empandas at 7 am? Not normal!
So folks other than incessantly checking my favorite blogs, Style Me Pretty & Weddingbee there will be no wedding obsessing today!
So I leave you with this supposed fact...
Saturday is the unluckiest wedding day to marry, according to English folklore.
Our new wedding day is Sunday, remember? ;) Woo Hoo!

***Pictured is my sister's dog aka my lovely nephew Charlie! He makes me smile!***


  1. How could you not smile?
    Nephew Charlie looks comfy!

    The photos of the plantation are gorgeous!

  2. Nice, Babe! Charlie's hilarious and you work too hard. Now... back to the chicken empanadas. : P