Monday, March 9, 2009

Weekend Update

This was the kind of weekend it was, a roll the window down and let your head hang out kinda weekend! The weather was gorgeous, but unfortunately I think Mother Nature was just being a tease since the temps are supposed to dip back down this coming weekend.
Until then I'm going to enjoy it!
I love the sunshine!!!
No real news worthy wedding updates to report except for maybe the fact that we now have the 'save the date guest list' complete with everyone's addresses with the exception of 5 people. To me this is huge because it's been my least favorite wedding task by far!!!!! UGH!

This coming weekend Mr. P and I are heading to Charleston to participate in a 10K run.
His parents will be meeting up with us Saturday morning and we're all heading to Magnolia to get our first glimpse of the ceremony & reception site! :D
Later that evening we are meeting with Christy of McCrady's to discuss plans for the Rehearsal Dinner and afterwards we'll be having what I'm sure will be a fabulous dinner there so we can taste some of the food options. Can't WAIT!

For now I'm heading out on my lunch break to enjoy Miss Sunshine and her rays!

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  1. Tucker! What a sweet pea. I can't believe you all are doing the 10K before Cooper River!! You little stinkers! Although I think I did know that - I'm glad we're not making any bets of who is winning because I think we already know the answer ;) Good luck and do great!!!