Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Hello tiny cold!

I'm very sad today friends! I felt a little bit of a sore throat coming on yesterday, but hoped it was only because I was tired and run down. I hoped I would wake up this morning feeling like a new, improved version of myself. Not so much.
My throat hurts more, my lil' nose is running, my ears hurt and I feel so very tired!
This is very, very bad because what I need to do is go straight home and work on our save the dates, but what I'll probably do is go home and crawl up in a ball.
Oh and not to mention I should be running lots this week in order to better prepare myself for next weeks 10k.
I loaded up on every vitamin and herbal supplement I could find in the cabinet this morning, all courtesy of my very loving mother. The same mother who said to me this morning, "you never got sick when you lived at home with me." Very true mama san!
Well I'm going to try to remain positive. Hopefully a goods night rest paired with soup and lots of water will equal a healthy Emily tomorrow.
In the meantime I'm at work trying not to be miserable. Fortunately I received the new Williams and Sonoma catalog yesterday and found out that they now carry Sprinkles Bakery cupcake mixes! :) As a cupcake lover I've read many rave reviews about this Beverly Hills bakery.
Here's to me being healthy enough tomorrow to hit the gym and pick up a set of these cupcake mixes on my way.

P.S.-Hopefully you all have had time to notice all the pretty trees and bushes blooming! :) It's lovely!

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