Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Remember I told you that a sweet man by the name of Richard put some photos of Magnolia Plantation on a cd for me? Well I've been trying to figure out how to resize them since Monday morning!! They were 'megabyte' size and I couldn't post them because it was taking forever and a day just to load one picture! UGH!
Anyways I've been playing around on Microsoft Office Picture Manager and FINALLY figured it out!
Next time I won't be so stubborn (I like to figure things out on my own) & I'll just ask Mr. P, in my opinion he's a computer genius!
Hope you like the photos...they certainly don't do it justice, but at least they give you an idea of our lovely ceremony/reception site!
Picture #1: The view of the Ashley River from the ceremony lawn.
Picture #2: View of the Carriage House that guests will see as they approach from the parking area.
Picture #3: Picture of Ceremony spot taken at night! The torches in the pictures line the whole area and come with the venue. That gorgeous tree also has twinkle lights on it that light up at night! :)
Picture #4: Inside of the Carriage House, don't you just love how rustic it is? This picture was taken of an event with next to no decorations and I still love it! I can't wait to see what it's going to look like once we've decorated!
Picture #5: The outdoor patio that also overlooks the Ashley River. And YES, there are 2 firepits! :) I may get to have my smores station after all!
Picture #6: Carriage House at night.
We are also going to set up a big tent on the lawn for dancing! :) I'm hoping to rent one of those beautiful glass top tents but waiting to hear back on pricing.
Hope you like!

Happy humpday folks!


  1. The venue is gorgeous!

    And, I love MPM. It's my favorite to work with because it is so easy to crop, compress and go!

  2. Thanks Abbie! :D
    Yeah, I made the whole cropping thing way easier than it needed to be!

  3. oh my goodness - I cant wait! It's absolutely beautiful...and what I love most is that I can def see a good mix of yours and Pepe's style. Truly - it just looks perfect! I'm so happy and excited for you both!I just counting on my fingers...just a little bit more than 6 months left! xoxo

  4. Okay, now after seeing it in person I had to come back to this post since the pictures are more meaningful now. Em - I freaking LOVE, LOVE, LOVE it!!! Surprisingly enough, it's even more beautiful in person. Plus, there are so many other beautiful nooks of this plantation that I hope others get to see. Now I REALLY can't wait! :) xoxoxo