Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Brock Photography

Darrell Brock is the amazing photographer that assisted Karyn during our Engagement Shoot.
I just found out from him last night that he posted some of our pictures on his blog! :) Check us out here! While you're there make sure to look through Darrell's work, it's truly incredible!


  1. Em
    I have been reading but haven't had much time to comment, but I had to make time for this one. I LOVE these photos. My favorite is P leaning against the wall and you looking up at him. You can just see the love between you two. You are such a happy, loving couple.

  2. You are too sweet! :) I'm so happy you like them though! I have lots more to show you soon!
    Love you bunches!

  3. Gosh i just love your pics!!!

  4. Thanks. I can't take credit though because your photographer, Karyn Iserman (www.karyniserman.com) is the real talent! She has taught me so much and you are SOOO lucky to have her capture your wedding. She is amazing!

  5. Thanks Darrell! :D I couldn't be happier about finding Karyn, she truly is amazing!
    Hope all is well!