Thursday, March 26, 2009


The Save the Dates are in the mail! I repeat, the Save the Dates are in the mail.
Oh how I never thought this day would come!!!
When I got home from work last night our new stamps were waiting on me in the mailbox. I wasn't expecting them to come so quickly so I had put off putting them together.
Well the stamps arriving lit a fire under my bootay and I worked for at least 3 hours last night to finish them.
Hopefully everyone will start receiving them on Saturday! :) How exciting!?

***Mr. P took that picture at 8am this morning as I dropped them in the mailbox! NO I do not have dandruff, those little specks are rain on the window shield (he took the picture from the drivers seat). Yes, lovely weather we are having here in Charlotte!
Second pictures is of P and the Tuckmeister goofing around last night as I feverishly worked. It makes me smile so I wanted to post.***


  1. That guy tried to pin me but TURNED him around and put him in the sleeper hold. "Say Uncle! SAY UNCLE!!!" "R-r-r-runcle!" haha

  2. His arms look freakishly long to me! Makes me laugh every time I look at it.