Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Let's talk about food baby,

Let's talk about mac n' cheese (that was my lame attempt at rhyming to that old Salt n' Pepa ditty)!
So one of the only vendor decisions we haven't made is the caterer! This is not due to lack of research, trust me!
In fact I've been in contact with almost every caterer in Charleston.
It's tough to even narrow them down because everyone suggests someone different and everyone comes highly recommended (Charleston is known for extraordinary food!).
The food is VERY important to me! Mr. P goes to a wedding and barely eats except for a few bites he steals off of my plate. I, on the other hand, can't wait to see what's on the menu.
With the exception of a few weddings the only thing I ever remember eating are cocktail shrimp.
Not that this is bad, but I really want a nice variety, something different for our wedding! Presentation is also almost as important, in my opinion, as the taste!
We know for a fact we aren't having a sit down dinner, it would cut into our boogie woogie time!
Also it often pairs unsuspecting guests with one another and we want none of that.
We've decided on a heavy hors d' oeuvres reception, with NONE of that beef slicing you so often see. Hope I'm not offending anyone, it's just my personal preference.
We've narrowed the list down to three...
#1- JBC Catering with chef James Burns who has been on the Food Network (my current tv obsession) a few times!
We've received excellent service from them so far and we've already met one the employees, who we both really liked.
Downside, after having them tweak the menu a couple of times it's still not my favorite.

#2- Cru Catering with chef John Zucker. This company has been voted Charleston's #1 caterer the past 8 years!!!! Impressive, huh?
However, the service has not impressed me so far! It took almost two months to even get a sample menu from them. On the flipside, this sample menu did rock! We both loved everything they suggested for us! It was a great representation of where we are both from, which is exactly what I requested.

#3- Carolina Catering with chef Jeremiah Bacon, with a name like that you know this man must be good! He's received rave reviews from The Post & Courier, The Charleston City Paper and CBS News. They are the preferred caterer of our venue and if we don't go with them we have to pay a $500 fee.
They are still working on my sample menu, but I had to choose options from a list they provided. Even though we haven't seen the menu, we have a feeling they'll be the least favorite because they didn't have as much variety.

***Pictures are in the same order as they are listed above. As you can see, everyone's presentation is on point!***

What do you all think????

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