Monday, March 16, 2009

The Jemima

Saturday after checking into hotel #2 first thing I had to do was check my e-mail and Weddingbee (I'm slightly addicted to both).
Both informed me that Muscari was having a "secret sale" and offering 20% off of their beautiful flowers!!!
I first discovered the gorgeousness that is Muscari back in August of last year after discovering Etsy. I contacted the designer to see if she would make me a custom piece and she informed me that she was no longer going to be selling on Etsy, but she would have an online store up and running in February. I must have checked every day until it was available! I love her stuff!
Fortunately I had held off on buying anything just yet and I'm glad I did because on Saturday I got 20% off this beauty, pictured above!
Since I'm already having flowers made for my hair on the big day, I plan to build my whole Rehearsal Dinner outfit around this piece! The chartreuse green is the exact color we are using in our decor!
Loves it!
Hope you do too!


  1. Hey Emie! Did you see your engagement shoot made it on my blog? Congratulations on the new venue and date!!!

  2. Hey Darrell! :) Just checked out your blog! I can't wait to spend my afternoon tomorrow reading all your posts! Your work is great and we had a blast with you and Karyn that day! Hope to see you again!
    oh and thanks for featuring us on your blog! love it!