Monday, May 11, 2009

Wishing I was there!

Right about now my sister is pulling in the driveway of our home in Norton, VA!
Neither my mother or brother have any idea she's coming home!
I'm sitting at my desk green with envy right now! Like dark hunter green envious!
But I'm also really happy that they all get to spend time together!
With busy schedules we just don't get to see one another near as often as we'd like!

I truly hope you all have a wonderful two days!
I envision trips to Sonic so that mom can get a large sweet tea, dinner on the back porch, walking through mom's garden so that she can show you all the new flowers and veggies she's growing this year, lots and LOTS of laughs, taking the doggies up on the mountain, baseball games, manis and pedis on moms bed, and just good ol' quality time spent together!
I love you all dearly and wish more than anything I could be there!
Just make sure to have an extra amount of fun for me. ;)


  1. I was in the coffee shop and was stunned when they walked in! Lots of lovely surprises all over town today! :)

  2. AH! Love it! :)
    Wishing I were there!
    Next time for sure! ;)

  3. How sweet! Sounds like the kind of mom/daughter time we have up in NY.

    Gotta love it :)

  4. This morning my first thought was how absolutely complete my joy would be if you were here! I am , however, happy knowing that you are in a wonderful place and that you are embracing life with such peace and joy! I miss you emily,