Saturday, May 9, 2009

Oh happy day!

Woke up this morning and had brunch with P @ Toast Cafe, oh how we love that place!
Came home and decided to take our 4 legged son on a walk.
Convinced fiance to let him off the leash before we got back behind the houses and to the open grassy area.
See a large dump truck coming towards son and both start yelling for him to come to us!
Tucker runs @ what had to be 30 mph (I'm exaggerating) and knocks my feet out from under me!
I fall and try to catch myself with my arms!
It worked, but now my left arm isn't really working. It hurts!

All was made better in the world when Mr. P let me blast country for at least 3 hours while I baked cupcakes bites (turned out so cute by the way!)
Then we enjoyed an afternoon thunderstorm.

I love weekends spent with my two favorite guys!

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  1. LOL - Did you know we have the SAME post title?! Glad to hear your day was wonderful (minus Tucker knocking you over)!