Tuesday, May 12, 2009

holy cow batman!

Have you all been to Ikea?
For some reason I feel P and I are the only two people who haven't been.
So this may be old news to you, but this store is HUGE!
It doesn't even seem right to call it a store! It's more like a mall with one store in it!
I was pretty flippin' excited about this outing!
I love finding cool stuff for great prices & that we did, BUT once you find what it is you came looking for, you are too tired to look for anything else!
This is a shame...I spotted lots of goodies on our mile long trek to the checkout counter but didn't have the energy to stop and look!
I do however want to go back soon. Maybe on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon.
Oh and preferably when I don't have fireant bites on my feet!
I think you could find some really cool wedding decor here...vases, lanterns, candles!

After this pretty picture I've painted I want to know whose coming with me?

Oh and because I love parties, allow me throw a small one for myself this morning!
It took me 2 and half stinkin' hours to fall asleep last night because of my red, itchy feet!!!
2 and half hours even with new comfy bedding!

1. Fire Ants
2. Bees
3. Spiders

I never thought I'd be more terrified of any bug more than a bee but thanks to this experience the order has been reranked!

Okay, I'm done now!
Happy Tuesday! :)


  1. Simply an Inquiring Mind ; )May 12, 2009 at 12:06 PM

    Who's the ridiculously hot couple in the picture frame??

  2. You are so funny! lol, I thoroughly enjoy the arrows and commentary.