Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Weekend Update

Chapel Hill, you amaze me!
Yes friends, I've fallen in love with this pretty town where my best friend and bridesmaid, Chelsea, will be getting married.
We arrived on Friday evening at the beautiful Carolina Inn to a lawn full of peeps!
There was bluegrass, booze and southern food!
Can't wait to experience this place with all of Ted and Chelsea's friends and family!!!
Speaking of family, Chels' mom and sister booked us a room at the Inn! Incredibly sweet, right?
After checking in and changing we were ready to go!
After a drink at the hotel bar we headed to Sugarland!
Who says you can't have dessert before dinner? ;)

I would LOVE to own a place like this one day! It was so darling! They had cupcakes in so many yummy flavors, cheesecakes, cinnamon rolls, frozen martinis, gelato galore, you name it, they had it!
Can't wait to visit this place again!

After stuffing our faces (chips & salsa, fries & cheesesteaks @ 10pm)we were ready for some bar hopping!
Our night ended with us breaking it down on the dance floor, my favorite activity extracurricular activity! ;)
Oh and I should mention that I just HAD to have pizza when we got home.
So much so that I fell asleep waiting for the pizza that finally arrived around 3:30 am!
Cold pizza was breakfast the next morning, in case you were wondering.

Saturday afternoon was spent looking around the Carolina Inn.
How gorgeous is the courtyard where Ted and Chels will be married?

It has such an intimate feel to it!!!! Very, very pretty!

We then walked through the beautiful campus on our way to get lunch at BUNS!
Hands down best burger I've had!!!

After picking up ANOTHER cupcake it was time to head home. :(
I had such a good time in Chapel Hill that I may now root for the Tarheels, that is unless they're playing our beloved Hokies!

I then spent the rest of the weekend nursing what I thought was a hangover, but come Sunday morning (4am!) realized was either a brutal head cold or a sinus infection.
My darling Chels' is feelin' it too!
Well worth it though my dear, wasn't it?

Lastly, let me just say how much fun it is being engaged at the same time as a best friend!!! What I knew would already be such a special time in my life is even sweeter because of this.
Hopefully someday we'll be having lil' babies at the same time!
Oh and speaking of babies, this morning my sweet, sweet fiance said to me, "some day soon you'll be celebrating being a mommy on mother's day!" Made my morning!

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  1. I like this post :)

    And someday...you will make a wonderful mommy!